You Can Save Up to 41% On These Sony Bluetooth Speakers If You Believe in Yourself

Save as much as $102 on these Sony Extra Bass speakers and constantly find excuses to use them.

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Sony SRS-XB13 Compact Bluetooth Speaker | $48 | Amazon
Sony SRS-XB23 Bluetooth Speaker | $78 | Amazon
Sony SRS-XB33 Bluetooth Speaker | $118 | Amazon
Sony SRS-XB43 Bluetooth Speaker | $148 | Amazon

I love Bluetooth speakers. So much so that, way back in 2013, I strapped an onion on my belt—as was the style at the time—and marched into Best Buy to buy the cool new Jawbone speaker for two hundred and dickety dollars. Not the big one, mind you; this was the little one that would go for $30 in today money. Now you can get so much better for so much less, particularly with a sale like this one on impeccably-named Sony Bluetooth speakers, knocking $102 off the normally-$250 Sony SRS-XB43. It uses NFC so that compatible phones can pair immediately with it simply by moving your phone’s NFC sensor near it, similar to the way you’d pay for your coffee when you forget your wallet. The SRS-XB43 also has two woofers and two tweeters so you get that good thumping base and clear highs and mids. Slap this bad boy on your desk for sick beats while you surf the ‘net, cruising for pie charts!

Of course, it’s portable, sure, but maybe you want something slightly smaller, and that’s where the SRS-XB33 comes in. At 10 inches long, it similarly boasts rich, bassy sound and an NFC sensor. Also like that speaker, it has 24 hour battery life and cool lights, controllable by the ... ahem ... Fiestable app. Look, I don’t like the name, either, but it looks like it does cool tricks with the speaker’s RGB lights. This speaker is 21% off at $118.

The sale is rounded out by the tall and lean SRS-XB23 for 22% off and the portable SRS-XB12 for $12 off at $48. Offering 12 hours and 16 hours of battery life respectively, both speakers offer great sound and Bluetooth connectivity. The larger XB23 uses Sony | Music Center, while the XB12 simply plays whatever audio your phonne is playing, and both come with removable straps for easy carrying.

All of these speakers can be paired with one another to play synced sound, with up to 100 speakers allowed in a group. They can also all be used for hands-free calling. Whew, that’s a lot of distinction in a little bit of time. I think I’m going to go relax and look at pie charts now and, I guess, listen to music on my busted old Bluetooth speakers.