Yo Dawg, Casper Heard You Like Pillows, So They Put a Pillow Inside a Pillow

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You might still think of Casper as just a mattress company, but they actually make just about every bed-related item you could ever want, and their pillow is my favorite of the bunch.

The first thing I noticed when I unpacked my Casper pillow was the weight. It feels about twice as heavy as any other bed pillow I’ve owned, and that’s probably because it’s actually two pillows in one. The inner pillow features a dense fiber fill, while the part that you’d normally consider the cover is actually a plush pillow of its own, filled with longer fibers than the inner pillow. The result is a soft feel for your head, but with plenty of support for your neck and spine.

Whether because of its heft, or simply because it sleeps extremely cool, I hardly ever flip the Casper pillow at night, which is a much-welcome change to my sleeping routine. Of course, pillow preferences are extremely subjective, so if you decide it’s not for you, it still comes with Casper’s famous 100 night trial period.

The pillow recently got a price reduction, and now stands at $55 for a standard, or $65 for a king, which is pretty par for the course for a name brand premium pillow. Of course, most pillows don’t have such a generous money back guarantee, so you can rest easy if you pick one up.