Yakima's ForkChop Makes Packing a Bike Easier Than Packing a Picnic

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As a guy with more bikes in his household than family members, I can confidently say that Yakima’s ForkChop split crossbar bike rack is as versatile and convenient as they come.

I can remove or install a Yakima ForkChop in under 3 minutes out of the box. Yes, I was trying to go fast. Yes, I’ve installed various bike racks before. But don’t think you can’t do the same. This thing is super simple to install confidently without tools or complicated instructions.

I used to have zero qualms about driving with roof rails on top of my car as if they were welded to it. Now that I actually care how my car looks and how fuel efficient it is, I don’t want a perma-rack on my car. The Yakima ForkChop is not only easy to install and remove, it’s small enough that it fits in my glovebox... or would fit if it wasn’t full of service records and tools. It fits easily in the trunk or under a seat, too.


As an actual rack, the ForkChop is more versatile than it deserves to be for $129. Of all the bikes we own—a 700c road bike, a thru-axle fat, hardtail mountains, and a few kid’s bikes—the rack firmly accommodates them all except for the smallest 12" kid’s bike (which fits in my trunk.) It accomplishes this by way of a slew of included axle adapters. And if you happen to have a 135mm thru-axle, the ForkChop can even take it on with an optional skewer.


The only unfavorable thing I have to say about the ForkChop is, personally, a non-issue since I remove it between uses. The ForkChop’s skewer is the only component of the rack that can use a keyed SKS lock, so you can’t completely secure the rack to your car unless a bike is mounted to it. If you plan to leave a bike rail on your car all the time, consider Yakima’s Highspeed or Highroad instead.

The ForkChop is so fast and easy to use, I find myself going for quick lunchtime rides, or bringing a bike to my kid’s soccer practice so my other kid can ride. When packing a bike is this simple, you’ll find that you do a whole lot more.