Wire A Cabin For Lighting and Phone Charging With BioLite's Affordable Prep Pack

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BioLite, the folks behind that wood burning camp stove that can charge your phone, just unveiled the Prep Pack, a fully integrated solar lighting system that can keep a cabin illuminated, and your phone charged, even when you’re off the grid.

The pack includes a 6W roof-mounted solar panel, four LED lanterns that can stand up on the floor or hang from the ceiling, and a shoebox-sized controller unit that stores energy, controls the lighst, charges your gadgets with two USB ports, and gives you readouts of the battery status and sun strength with an integrated LCD screen. Is it a full-featured solar array? No, but it’s dead-simple to set up, and extremely affordable.

You can buy all of the accessories a la carte if you wish, but buying the Prep Pack in its entirety will set you back $200, or $50 less than buying the pieces separately.