What's the Best Webcam for Zoom Meetings?

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The year was 2016. After having recently moved out of my parents’ house and deciding to be a freelance writer full-time, I decided it was in my best financial interest to upgrade my streaming setup, I guess so I could build up my Twitch channel and foster a community around it?? Ha ha ha, such foolish dreams I often wish I were still pursuing.

Among the first things I bought was a Logitech C930e webcam, which set me back at least $120 at the time. Based on cursory search results, it looks like my webcam is long overdue for an upgrade. Not only is the C930e no longer sold new, it’s been supplanted by the similarly priced (and specced) C920. But what was once intended to cultivate an audience is now being used to plaster my face in Zoom meetings. Rather than boxing myself off in a corner of your screen, I’m blowing up my face for only my coworkers to see. As my career ambitions have changed, so too have my needs in a webcam.

With that in mind, is the Logitech C920 the best option for videoconferencing, or is there a more capable alternative? Set the record straight in the comments before I shell out another $120+ for another camera that, at first blush, doesn’t seem that different from the 2013 model I have now—the 1080p/30fps recording spec flaunted Logitech boasts of the C920 was standard in 2K16. Am I missing something or should I stick with the webcam I have now?

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