What Are The Best Headphones?

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This week we’re talking about headphones, one of the largest, most diverse, hotly contested, and ubiquitous product categories we cover.

Back in 2012 Lifehacker ran a great Best Headphones Hive Five, but of course, there have been a whole lot of new models since then, and we want to hear about your favorites.

Lifehacker describes the category well:

When you want to rock out in private or just really enjoy the sound from your computer, phone, or music player, you’ll need a pair of good, traditional headphones. This week we’re talking about circumaural or supra-aural cans that go on your ears.

What about earbuds?

Looking for cheap headphones? Lifehacker has a fantastic article on that as well.

What about exercise headphones? Yep, we’ve got you covered there too.

And gaming headsets? Yep. Here ya go.

Recommending someone else’s nomination is your vote, so star those nominations wisely. As always, we humbly request that you make your best case for your choice, or against someone else’s, check to see if someone else has already nominated something before you do, and provide links and images.

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