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Since 2012—that’s right, over 10 years now!—Kinja Deals has been slinging discounts faster than Sonic eats chili dogs. Tens of millions of transactions later, the trust we built with our audience allowed us to expand into recommendations outside of deals in the form of reviews, roundups, and more. Basically, in addition to saving you money, our goal was to bring interesting products to your attention you should check out even if they’re not on sale.

That’s why, after years of tinkering, we launched The Inventory, a website dedicated to sharing cool stuff we either found online or tested ourselves in the snarky yet authoritative voice you’ve come to know from our sister sites like Gizmodo, Kotaku, and Jezebel. Among our articles, you’ll find picks in a wide range of categories including tech, gaming, home, lifestyle, and media. Whatever it is you’re shopping for, we’re uniquely equipped to help you find the right item for the job.

Each person on our staff has a background in service journalism we utilize to inform our coverage every step of the way, from pitch to publication, ensuring you can expect the utmost integrity from all of our published content.


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