We Built This (Board Game) City On Rockin' Deals

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Expancity | $47 | MassDrop

If you love city-building video games, Expancity looks like a surefire holiday board game hit. A relatively new game with a really solid 7.2 score on Board Game Geek, it’s marked down to $47 on MassDrop today, the first discount we’ve seen from the usual $60.

From the official description:

Collaborate and compete with your friends to build a thriving mega city. In Expancity, the name of the game is to build out and up as fast as possible. The more buildings you have, the quicker you’ll earn points. But be mindful, you’ll have to finish your building projects before you can start any more. You can earn additional points for building near common city features (like parks, banks, and schools) or grab some bonus points for working behind the scenes on secret contract cards.

Just note that for better or worse, it’s not realistic enough to have a “suck city coffers dry with massive tax breaks in exchange for ‘high paying jobs’” mechanic.