Wave Period Pain Goodbye: Take a Spin for Up to 15% Off New Cramps Be Gone Kit From Foria

Never dread the monthly cycle again with natural solutions that actually work.

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Period comfort with choices to find personal comfort.
Period comfort with choices to find personal comfort.
Graphic: Riley Blackwell

Period pain sucks, period. Out of all the solutions out there, it’s so rare to find relief that is natural, acts fast, and is actually soothing. Foria has launched a new Cramps Be Gone kit that has three broad-spectrum CBD options so you can test out what works best for you and your sensitive body. Try out Relief Melt inserts, a Relief Salve with CBD and Kava, or a Wellness Tonic to take control of your comfort and get relief from the monthly cycle.

Cramps Be Gone Kit | Up to 15% Off | Foria

With the Cramps Be Gone kit, Foria has a goal to change the perception of period pain toward a natural, beautiful time of the month through natural healing supporting the whole body. Personally, that feels so warm and inviting, making sexual health innovative and sweet.


This post was originally published by Riley Blackwell on 8/15/23 and updated with new information on 9/5/23.