Unbound Makes Sex Toys Sexier, Just By Simplifying Them

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If sex is complicated, then sex toys are a labyrinth.

Unbound, a NYC-based company is changing how people look at pleasure, by stripping back everything Sex and The City got wrong. It’s not about replacing anything human, it’s about taking sex to the feminist place it needs to be and being inclusive about it.

When did it become The Thing to add all these bells and whistles onto something you put in and around your junk? Not every sex toy needs to be a Tesla, sometimes you just need a sleek, reliable car. Like a Honda Civic. That’s what Unbound makes: the Honda Civics of sex toys.

Unbound offers a couple different things to rev your engine, from a classic bullet vibrator to dildos, and a quarterly subscription box that you can get discreetly sent to your place every few months. The box is full of toys, condoms, lube, whathaveyou.


They even have a fool-proof collection called The Babe Pack. Featuring three different vibrators, lube, something called Booshies (Unbound’s clean-up wipes), some stimulating serums, and a holographic case to stash a few things, based on “heavy research into buyers’ purchasing habits and top preferences.” It’s basically a welcome basket into the club of sexual wellness, without the Harry & David pears.

In my mind, what sets Unbound apart from every other sex-forward brand is their playfulness. On their homepage, they feature a rotating queue of quotes denouncing sex toys, linked to their source articles from Breitbart and that ilk. They also donate 6.9% (nice) of “all profits to nonprofit organizations that support female sexual health and wellness.”

Unbound doesn’t take themselves too seriously and their eponymous digital magazine is a more approachable (read: correct) way to discuss sex in a feminist, comfortable, and fun way.