Tuesday's Best Deals: B2G1 Board Games, Citizen Watches, OLED TVs, and More

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Happy Halloween! Let’s start off your day with some ghoulishly-good deals on buy two board games, get one free, a Citizen watch Gold Box, OLED TVs, and more.

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2-Pack Rocketbook Everlast Notebooks, $47 with code KINJAROCKET

A few months ago, we posted a deal on a notebook that you could erase up to five times by putting it in the microwave. Needless to say, reactions were mixed.

But some of you pointed out that the same company had a new notebook called the Rocketbook Everlast that could be erased basically indefinitely with nothing but a damp cloth, and you can get two of them for $47 today with promo code KINJAROCKET, compared to their usual price of $30 each.

The Rocketbook Everlast does carry over the Wave’s smart symbols, a series of seven glyphs on the bottom of each page that you can cross out with a pen. Once you scan the page with Rocketbook’s app, those symbols tell the app where to send the page. Cross out the horseshoe and scan the page with the app, and it’ll automatically upload to, say, Evernote. Draw an X through the star, and it’ll go to Google Drive. You can specify what each of these symbols do in the app, so it’s easy to customize the notebook for your workflow.

The scanning features are important, because the Everlast isn’t meant to keep your notes indefinitely. Once you fill up the 32 pages with a Pilot Frixion pen (not included), you can just grab a wet cloth, and wipe the whole thing clean to start again.

Again, today’s deal is $47 for a 2-pack with promo code KINJAROCKET. You can even choose between letter-sized notebooks, smaller executive notebooks, or one of each. Even if you don’t need both for yourself, these could make great holiday gifts as well.

The G Pen Elite was already one of the best vaporizers for the money at its usual $150, but today only, you can get it for $99 with promo code ROCKTOBER5. This deal is only available today, so get in before it goes up in a puff of smoke.

From Gizmodo’s review:

“Pleasant” has come to define much of my time with the Grenco G Pen Elite. It charges quickly via USB and has battery life that last for days of regular use. It also feels great in my tiny hands and fits easily in a coat pocket or a purse. The thing that takes it from “perfectly pleasant” to near outstanding is the price. It’s just $170. That’s damn cheap compared to it’s competitors. The Firefly 2 costs $329.95 and the Crafty retails for $339. Sure those products heat via convection instead of roasting a ceramic chamber, they’re much easier to pull on, and the clouds they produce are enough to fishbowl someone sitting with you, but for nearly half the price the Grenco G Pen Elite is a fantastic deal.

We don’t tend to post deals based exclusively on mail-in rebates, but this $30 deal from Adorama is the first discount we’ve seen on the excellent new 4K Apple TV, if you’re in the market.

You know what’s better than taking a selfie? Taking a self portrait with a real damn camera, or at least the good rear-facing camera on your phone. These super-cheap tripods let you use just that, and they’ll work with your phone, your GoPro, or even your DSLR.

If you love inky blacks and vibrant colors—and who doesn’t?—this 55" 2017 OLED LG TV is down to $1597 today on Amazon, or $2597 for 65", essentially matching prices that we’ve only seen from MassDrop to date.

As you’d expect from any high-end TV these days, that gets you a 4K panel and Dolby Vision HDR, but OLED technology means the blacks will be far richer, and the colors more vibrant than any LCD-based screen you can buy. It’ll still cost you, but your eyes will tell you it was worth it.

We see a lot of deals on jump-starting battery packs, but this $27 model from Aukey is one of the least expensive to date. At 400A, it’s only really designed for engines sized 2L or smaller, but that should cover most sedans and even some smaller SUVs, not to mention things like lawnmowers. And of course, it also works as a 6,000mAh USB battery pack for your phone, so worst case scenario, you can at least call AAA for help.

Roku came out with a new version of its popular streaming stick this month, and you can already get it for $10 off on Amazon.

Most of this Gizmodo review of the older model still holds true, but the 2017 model comes with a voice remote, so you won’t have to search for shows with an on-screen keyboard.

You probably already own a pair of Bluetooth headphones, but it never hurts to buy an extra set for your gym bag or luggage, in case you leave your favorites at home. VAVA’s MOOV 28 have fantastic Amazon reviews, and are just $20 today with code KINJABH9.

Vertical surge protectors (power towers, as I like to call them) seem to be having a moment right now, and this one includes eight AC outlets and six USB ports for just $31 with promo code ZY3FFGC8. If that’s not enough power for your desk, you might need a tech intervention.

There’s a nasty new Wi-Fi exploit out in the wild these days, but you can protect yourself from prying eyes (and get around geo-blocked content too) with a VPN subscription.

Lo and behold, PureVPN is offering some pretty stellar discounts right now when you use promo code Privacy20:

  • 24 months for $62.40 ($2.60 per month)
  • Six months for $42.96 ($7.16 per month)
  • One month for $8.76

PureVPN encrypts and obscures all of your internet traffic from everyone from malicious hackers to your ISP to the government, and includes some cool features like a kill switch to automatically disconnect your Wi-Fi if the VPN stops working, as well as split tunneling, which can route some of your traffic through the VPN, while letting the rest go through your ISP.


Heating pads are great for soothing sore muscles after a workout, but during winter, their best application is to throw them under your sheets half an hour before bed, so it won’t feel like jumping into a cold pool when you’re ready to go to sleep.

These 12" x 24" pads from Sunbeam are discounted as part of Amazon’s Gold Box today, so this deal will only last throughout the end of the day or until they sell out. They have three colors to choose from:

Electric kettles are hands-down the most efficient way to boil water. This normally-$40 Aicok electric kettle is selling for $30 today with code E5LARCS8. It has 6 different temperature settings for various beverages from green tea to hot cocoa and noodles.

No, this Honeywell thermostat doesn’t look like a futuristic work of art like a Nest or Ecobee. In fact, it’s pretty damn ugly! But that’s easy to forgive when you realize that it still includes Wi-Fi, meaning you can program it from your phone, order it around with your Echo, and even program it with IFTTT recipes for just $75.

It’s not as fun as buying other bulk things, like 5 pounds of gummi bears, but you can score some big savings when you buy tissues in bulk. For just about $1.38 per box or 2 cents per tissues, you can get 18 boxes of anti-viral Kleenex for $25 today.

The discount won’t show up until checkout, and you can save a little more if you subscribe and save. Remember you can cancel your subscription at all time if you don’t want multiple shipments. So as long as you have the space to store all those boxes, you might make it through cold/flu season without buying another box.

At 140 calories per bag, Boom Chicka Pop kettle corn is a snack you won’t feel too guilty about eating. You won’t feel too guilty about buying it either, when Amazon will ship you 24 snack packs for under $4 when you use Subscribe & Save and clip the 15% coupon on the page.

Note: It’s listed as an Add-On Item, but it’ll still ship for free if you use Subscribe & Save, no filler items required.

If you’ve purchased LED light bulbs in the past few years, they’ve almost certainly been 60W equivalents. But if you miss the days when we all choked the planet to death by burning blindingly bright 100W bulbs, you’re in luck. You can get eight 100W equivalent LED bulbs from Amazon today for just $30, an all-time low, in either soft white or daylight. They only need 15W of power to put out that much light, so they’ll easily pay for themselves compared to your old bulbs.

OxyLED makes some of the most popular stick-anywhere lighting products out there, and now, you can score six of their new puck lights for $28 with code KinN06OX. These don’t have motion sensors like a lot of OxyLED’s products, but you can control them with physical on/off switches on each puck, or with the included remote.

You can stick these anywhere, but the most obvious candidates are probably under or inside your kitchen cabinets, or in a large closet. Just note that they run off three AAA batteries each, so it’s probably worth investing in rechargeables.

This highly-rated travel-sized aromatherapy diffuser can de-stink your car, as long as you’re okay with sacrificing a cup holder. It plugs into your car’s battery via USB cable and features a color-changing LED light.

Don’t forget the essential oils. This 9-pack is $14 with code BLISSTOP.

You guys love the Philips Light-Up Alarm clock and you can get this Vansky version for a lot less money - only $20 with promo code SXJIFYAA.

Similar to the Philips, the sunrise simulation feature will slowly brighten starting 30 minutes before your wake-up time, easing you out of sleep so you can gracefully start your day.

This is pretty much as cheap as these kind of alarm clocks get. As the days are getting shorter, we all are going to need a little extra prodding to get out of bed in the mornings.

This battery-operated LED work light puts out as much light as a 100W halogen, and its removable battery pack can even charge your phone over USB. It’s one of those things you might not use often, but it’s not a bad idea to keep one handy in your garage, just in case.

Normally priced at $100 or more, this Sun Joe all-in-one tool blows, vacuums, and mulches leaves. Priced at $80 today, it’s just a few bucks away from it’s all-time-low price.

It’s not cordless but is way easier and less timing consuming than raking, so you can get back to the important things in life - like sucking down those Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

Anker makes smart light bulbs now, because of course they do, and you can get them at a discount today.

This bulb can’t display the full RGB spectrum like a Philips Hue lamp, but it can hit any flavor of white from sunlight-simulating daylight to Edison-style warm white. It sounds like a small thing, but different shades of light can seriously boost your productivity, or help you relax when it’s almost time for bed.

You can control the bulbs with your smartphone via the free Eufy Home app, but the real fun is hooking them up to Alexa. Any Alexa-enabled device can do this, including the Echo Dot, which happens to be on sale today.

Update: The smallest one, the Mini Smart Oven is also on sale today! It’s about $30 cheaper than usual.

It’s a great day to buy a Breville Smart Oven. Two of your favorite toaster ovens, the Breville Smart Oven and the Breville Compact Smart Oven, are both around $40 off today, and the Breville Smart Oven Air is down about $80. (See this chart to compare features them all side-by-side.)

Let’s start with the classic Smart Oven. On top of the praise from our readers (they say it basically replaces their normal oven), it boasts a very impressive 4.7-star rating with over 1,000 reviews. At $216, it’s the cheapest it has been since February.

The Compact, as you may have assumed, is ideal for smaller kitchen. It’s down to $144 from its typical $180 price and contains almost all the features of the larger model.

The Breville Smart Oven Air, normally $400, is also being offered at a deep discount today at just $320. In addition to normal toaster oven capabilities, this one also functions as an air-fryer and food dehydrator. Shane reviewed this model earlier this year:

The Smart Oven Mini I’ve had for years is a great alternative to my oven and microwave, but the Smart Oven Air makes me question why I even have a full size oven.

The bestselling, top-rated, and audience-favorite robotic vacuum just came out with a new and improved model, and you can suck up yours today for just $200 with code MMSM8QWT, matching a launch deal we saw last week.

It has the features you guys loved about the first model - remote control, a slim body to reach under furniture, and large dust box, but boasts upgraded suction power, so the vacuum will sense when it needs to use a little extra juice to take care of a mess. It also has slightly larger wheels to easier navigate over door jams and higher-pile carpets, plus a larger HEPA-style filter to better trap allergens and pet hair. How convenient!

What’s that noise your car’s making? It’s all the crap rolling around in your trunk. Luckily, this $15 pop-up organizer will keep everything in its place. It even comes with a bonus cooler, and a built-in reflective hazard triangle if you ever need to pull over. Just be sure to use code MCFCTO15 at checkout to save $13.


I like small, front pocket wallets. I also like to carry a lot of cards, plus some cash. These two desires are usually in conflict, but the Strapo wallet (currently on Kickstarter) can satisfy both.

The front of Strapo features two quick-access slots for your most used cards, and the back has a sturdy elastic strap to hold cash, keys, and even coins without fear of them falling out. The star of the show here though is the top, which opens up to hold the rest of your cards. They say it can hold six, but I crammed 10 into the top of my demo unit. I definitely wouldn’t recommend more than that, but I’m a credit card hoarder, so I think most of you should be fine.

But how do you get those cards out, if they’re tucked all the way inside the wallet? With the strap(o), of course. Just pull on the little elastic tab at the top of the wallet, and the entire pile of cards pops out for you to grab.

For a limited time, you can preorder a Strapo for $23, or two for $39 (with some higher reward tiers available as well), with expected delivery in December.

Today only, Amazon’s offering big discounts on 10 different Citizen watches, including a couple Eco-Drive models that never need a battery, for both men and women. Time’s ticking away on this deal though, and it’ll be gone by the end of the day.

A first aid kit is one of those things you should probably keep in your glove box, and you should definitely have at home, and at $17 for 130 pieces in a nice zipper bag, there’s no excuse not to be prepared for minor accidents.

It includes bandages, gauze, an instant cold pack, and even glow sticks, all tucked away in a refillable soft pack. You can thank us later.

If reliability is something you crave in a pair of shoes (if it isn’t, you may need to reconsider), I bet you have Cole Haan in your closet. And if you’re looking for a new pair but don’t want to spend the normal asking price, Cole Haan is giving you an extra 40% off sale styles with the code SAVE40. Men’s and women’s styles both are included, so go ahead and have a field day.

This coupon is back! Let’s say you’ve already upgraded to a good toothbrush; what’s the next step for cleaner teeth? Judging by the excellent user reviews, this 14-treatment box of Crest 3D Whitestrips is a great place to start. Just be sure to clip the $15 coupon before you check out.

The Philips OneBlade is the electric shaver of choice for pretty much every man on our staff (and tens of thousands of our readers as well), and both the original and the upgraded Pro model are on sale right now.

The OneBlades are notable for their simplicity, versatility, and performance. They work as razors or beard trimmers, you can use them with or without shaving cream, they’re waterproof enough to go into the shower, and they cut through stubble like a hot knife through butter.

Some people balk at the replacement blade cost (a set of two is about $25), but they’re rated to last at least four months each, and I’ve been using mine about three times per week for about seven months now, without issue.

The original model is great, but the Pro has more stubble length settings (three combs vs. a single comb with 14 options), and a battery that lasts longer and charges faster. Honestly, I’d probably buy the original for $24 (about $10 less than usual), but the $70 Pro (down from $80) is a bargain as well.

Merrell may be most known for their quality hiking footwear, but they also make some really great outerwear and layers. Right now, they’re giving you an extra 10% off their sale styles, which include a bunch styles of for men and women, with the code OCTOBERSALE10. Some styles have a couple colors to choose from as well, and even the leather boots for women are waterproof.


I’m not sure I’d want to see all the blood and gore from Hacksaw Ridge in 4K, but if you’ve got the stomach for it (and a compatible Blu-ray player or Xbox One), Hacksaw Ridge 4K Ultra HD [Blu-ray + Digital HD]. It also comes with a regular Blu-ray disc, and also a digital copy.

Grave of the Fireflies is among the best anime and best war movies ever made. Powerful and essential. Get the Blu-ray today for $11, but just remember that it doesn’t come with any tissues.

We see deals on iTunes gift cards with some frequency, but Google Play credit almost never goes on sale. If you buy your movies, apps, music, or anything else from Google Play, this $5 gift card discount is basically free money. Just add a gift card of $50 or more to your cart, and use code GOOGLE5 to save $5.

For better or worse, our lives exist largely in the cloud these days, and that shows no signs of changing. So if you want to understand how it works, and maybe even find gainful employment managing those massive server racks, Humble’s latest book bundle is here to help.

Pay what you want to download DRM-free ebooks that teach you about Azure, AWS, and more. You can get get all 16 titles for as little as $15, or fewer books at two lower price tiers.


If yesterday’s family-friendly board game sale wasn’t to your liking, now Amazon’s offering a buy two, get one free discount on a bunch of other games, including several which are more geared towards adults than the likes of Mouse Trap and Sorry!

Strangely enough, we couldn’t find a single link on Amazon that included the B2G1 games, and only the B2G1 games, so we’re including all of the titles we know in this post. If you see any we missed, let us know, and we’ll be sure to add it. Just note that the least expensive game of the three that you choose will become free at checkout, but it’ll only work if all of your selections are shipped and sold by Amazon directly.

Update: This went up to $50 a few minutes after I posted it, sorry!

Xbox Live Gold is basically a requisite add-on for your Xbox One, but don’t get suckered into paying the full $60. While supplies last, here’s an entire year for $43.

If you haven’t picked up a Steam Link for your PC yet, Amazon has them for just $15 right now. That’s an all-time low, and a steal if you want to enjoy PC games on your TV without, you know, putting your computer next to your TV.

Start your own rebellion with this LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar, down to just $35. With 24 different gifts, like Rey’s speeder, an At-ST, a TIE Striker, Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle, and more. Even reenact The Force Awakens with the Jakku playmat (brooding Luke Skywalker on a cliff, not included). They also somehow made BB-8 even more adorable, by giving him a snowboard and hat, which is reason enough to buy this.

The charging dock that your DualShock 4s deserve is only $10 right now with promo code Q9P7PCCF, and it even comes with some analog stick covers that you’ll most likely never use.

Humble’s Day of the Devs bundle is back, and you can pay what you want for up to eight PC games, plus a VIP ticket to Day of the Devs in San Francisco, and a $2 Humble wallet credit if you’re a Humble Monthly member. Highlights this time around include Grim Fandango, Abzu, and Day of the Tentacle Remastered, and the top price tier is only $9, so get on this one.




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