Try a New Kind of Formalwear With xSuit’s Insanely Comfy xSuit 4.0

You've never been this comfortable before in a suit jacket and slacks.

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Rethink formalwear with a new suit from xSuit.
Rethink formalwear with a new suit from xSuit.
Photo: xSuit

Suits can be comfortable and classy, or they can leave you feeling a bit trashy. If you’re looking for some elegant formalwear that’s changing the game, you’ll want to check out xSuit. With xSuit 4.0, the company is disrupting the suit industry with one of the most comfortable suits ever. It’s the ultimate men’s travel suit, as it’s anti-stain, anti-wrinkle, stretchy where it counts, and fully machine washable. That’s right, a suit you can just toss into the washer like any old regular clothes.

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Not only will the xSuit 4 take you from work to after-work parties and to important events, but it doesn’t feel like wearing a suit. In fact, it’s more like your favorite yoga getup or a pair of pajamas. Plus, It comes in a variety of colors and sizes with a host of customization options that you can choose from. xSuit also has two new colors you can buy your suit in: a light blue that’s lively enough for spring, and a light grey that’ll add some dapper style to any occasion. You can also choose from black, dark grey, and dark blue. It’s time to rethink formalwear. Grab your xSuit today.