Travel in Style: Get 5% Off The Best Garment Bags for Your Wardrobe

Experience wrinkle-free travel and storage with the best carry on garment bags & wardrobe care.

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Arterton’s Signature Garment Bag is a bestseller.
Arterton’s Signature Garment Bag is a bestseller.
Graphic: Elise Caplan

We’ve all been there: you’re traveling, you arrive at your destination, and when you open your suitcase, your clothes are a mess because of the way you packed. Or you finally invest in nicer pieces for your wardrobe, but somehow, they never look as good as the first time you wore them. The answer to both of these situations is better wardrobe care — and that’s where Arterton comes in. Based in London, this brand is committed to helping you look after your clothes and shoes so that you can feel your best. They do that by providing top-notch garment bags and wardrobe care accessories, equipping customers with tools to ensure their clothes and shoes are always in great shape. With this deal, you can upgrade your wardrobe care routine with 5% off at Arterton when you subscribe to their newsletter.

Arterton garment bags and wardrobe care accessories | Save 5% when you subscribe to their newsletter | Arterton

Arterton Signature Garment Bags

Arterton’s signature item is its Garment Bag. Made of double-waxed cotton in the heftiest weight available, this bag is durable and travel-ready. It can hold up to three garments and is full-length and hangable — just what you need for your next trip. The Garment Bag is available in two sizes and four classic colors, so you’re sure to find a version that suits your needs. Reviewers are enthusiastic about this bag, which makes it easy to recommend. Wrote one: “I really like the heavy cotton material. It is real sturdy and perfectly protects your clothes. Definitely worth it.”


Nakata Hangers

Believe it or not, the wrong hangers can take a huge toll on your wardrobe, allowing good clothing to become misshapen and worn in the wrong places over time. Arterton makes it easy to upgrade from the hangers you’re using with their extensive line of luxury options made in Japan. Whether you need to hang shirts, pants, suits, or accessories, they have you covered. They even offer a beechwood valet stand, a true luxury when you’re getting dressed for a special event.

Paul Brunngard Shoe Care

If you’ve ever been to a cobbler, you know that shoe care is an art. And Arterton gives you the tools to practice it yourself while keeping your shoes in tip-top shape. From a starter kit (great for beginners) to individual brushes and creams, they’re committed to the longevity of your footwear.


Wardrobe Care

It can be hard to know how to take care of nicer clothing items like suits and sweaters. Luckily, Arterton has thought of solutions that will help you understand and simplify the process. For example, do you notice your sweaters developing pills (those annoying little balls of fuzz) as you wear them? Arterton has a great comb for that. What about fighting stains and moths? They have products for those concerns, too. Visit Arterton now and remember to sign up for their newsletter so you can save 5% on your purchase.