Today's Best Deals: LifeStraws, CyberPower UPS, Cordless Hoover Vacuum, and More

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CyberPower backup power supplies, a $120 smartphone, and a cordless Hoover vacuum lead off Monday’s best deals.

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Top Deals

If you ever have to deal with power shortages and brief outages, Amazon’s offering all-time low prices on a pair of CyberPower UPS battery backups, today only.

If you use a desktop computer, these will of course keep your machine running without any interruption in the event of a power outage, which means you won’t lose any unsaved work. But even if you only use laptops and mobile devices at home, they could still run lamps, your router and modem, or even a TV until the power comes back on.

Just remember that like all Gold Box deals, these prices are only available today, or until sold out.

It’s 2016, and your vacuum shouldn’t have a cord anymore. The Hoover Linx features an 18-volt battery, a motorized brush that you can turn on and off, and an easy-to-empty receptacle, all for an all-time low $87. Just note that this is a Gold Box deal, so be sure to get yours before they’re all vacuumed up.

Today only on Amazon, you can drink deep from the discount well with great deals on LifeStraw products. If you aren’t familiar, these allow you to slurp up basically any water you find in nature without fear of bacteria. Inside, you’ll find the classic straw, a family purifier, a water bottle, and more, all marked down to great low prices.

Amazon already offers the Moto G at a $50 discount with lockscreen ads, but today only, you can save an extra $30, bringing the handset down to an absurdly affordable $120.

Lockscreen ads might be a nonstarter for a lot of you, but if you’re willing to live with them, the Moto G is a surprisingly great phone for the money.

Life’s too short to vacuum every other day, but luckily, you can pawn that tedious chore off to a Roomba, and the entry level 650 model is marked down to $300 today on Amazon, matching the best price they’ve ever listed.

I recently acquired a Roomba 770, which is basically identical to the 650, but with HEPA filters and an extra virtual wall. While it does require a bit of babysitting from time to time, I haven’t vacuumed my house manually in months, and yet the floors always feel clean, even with two pets.

Football season’s here, and you can power your next tailgate with this surprisingly portable 1600 W (2000 W surge) generator.

The Wen 56200i is as quiet during operation as a normal human conversation, and normally sells for around $500. Today only though, Woot’s marked it down to $390 shipped. This deal is only available today, so be sure to grab one before this deal runs out of gas.

Our readers have purchased a ton of Sonicare toothbrushes over the years, so today, it’s time to stock up on replacement brush heads. Pretty much every style Sonicare makes is $5 off, just remember that you won’t see the final price until checkout.

It might not feel like it right now, but dry winter air is just around the corner, but you can fight back with this Eufy (Anker’s new home division) humidifier.

The Humos Air 1.1 can run for over 24 hours with its 1.1 gallon tank, and includes a a sensor to measure your room’s humidity level, three different modes, and even a slot to add a few drops of scented oils to freshen up your home. To celebrate the launch of the new Eufy brand, you can save $12 with promo code EUFYBGR1, bringing the Humos down to $48.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to denim pricing, but quality seldom follows suit. Mott and Bow is set on delivering the best denim at reasonable prices, which get even more reasonable with our exclusive 30% discount. Use code KINJA.

Mott and Bow has become the favorite denim supplier of multiple members of our team. Their jeans are handcrafted in a family-owned facility and environmentally conscious- you can dig into their process here. Their Wooster line in slim fit is the best pair of jeans I’ve ever worn, with just the right amount of stretch, and I’m wearing and loving their new black Morton line as I write this.

Tell us about your experience with Mott and Bow or your own favorite pair of jeans in the comments!

The award-winning Alhambra is one of those good board games that you should try out after you get sick of Catan, and Amazon will sell you a copy for $22 today, an all-time low. Check out its BoardGameGeek page for more reviews and info.

The Ninja Professional BL610 blender is slightly less powerful than the 660, which readers voted their favorite, and it doesn’t include the single-serve blending cups, but at an all-time low $74, it’s a fantastic deal.

If your razor of choice is a Gillette or Venus, Amazon’s shaving $4 off dozens or cartridge refill packs, for a limited time. Just find the one that’ll fit your handle, and you’ll see the discount automatically at checkout. You can also save a little more by using Subscribe & Save, though the coupon will only count towards your first delivery.

Our readers have purchased a ton of Sonicare toothbrushes over the years, so today, it’s time to stock up on replacement brush heads. Pretty much every style Sonicare makes is $5 off, just remember that you won’t see the final price until checkout.

Here’s a cheap and easy holiday gift for the Minecraft-obsessed kids on your shopping list. Use promo code SAVER to get free shipping as well.

Update: SAVER only works on orders of $25 or more. Sorry!

Our national vampire phase has come and gone, but its most successful televised incarnation, True Blood, lives on in a Blu-ray box set, and you can own the whole thing for $88 today. That’s an all-time low, and the first time it’s ever dipped below $100. It is a Gold Box deal though, so grab yours before its blood is completely drained.

There’s no such thing as owning too many Lightning cables, especially when you can get one for $4, or two for $8. Just be sure to note the promo codes below.

$16 would be a pretty solid price for a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger or car charger. But today, that gets you one of each. Just add both of these chargers to your cart, and use code 2F6WY5PW at checkout to get the deal.

Bonus: If you own a compatible Samsung phone, you can pair this deal with a Quick Charge 2.0 Qi charging pad for $13.

For all the bitching and moaning about Apple killing the headphone jack, when you can get a pair of Bluetooth earbuds for $15, it’s really not a big deal. Just use code 7R7TJ6JS to join the wireless future.

So you want to try a standing desk, but don’t want to commit to it for eight hours a day...what do you do? You get off your butt and buy this monitor riser for an all-time low price, that’s what.

This FlexiSpot riser arrives fully assembled, and sits on top of your existing desk. Just place your monitor(s) on the top shelf, your keyboard and mouse on the bottom, and use their integrated spring system to raise the entire setup from a sitting to standing position within seconds. I own a very similar product from Varidesk (which was more expensive, by the way), and I absolutely love it. Just use promo code AHV9A5VG at checkout to save 10%.

I would have appreciated this deal more if it came at the beginning of summer, but $44 is still a great price for a rolling wicker cooler that can hold up to 72 cans at your next backyard barbecue. The only thing it’s missing is a bottle opener on the side.

There have been quite a few deals on VIZIO’s excellent 38" 5.1 sound bar system, but today on Amazon, you can get a refurb of the 40" version for an all-time low $217.

An extra 2" of length isn’t a huge deal, but the 40" model features metal accents instead of the smaller model’s plastic, and most importantly, HDMI audio input. Otherwise, it’s still by far the easiest way to upgrade your home theater to surround sound.

You know when you ask someone to take a picture of you and your family on vacation, and you quickly learn that almost nobody understands how to take a decent photo? With a mini tripod, you can be in total control of those long range selfies, and this $10 model from Aukey works with everything from DSLRs to smartphones.

If you already own a tripod, but just want to use it with your smartphone, here’s a 2-pack of adapters for $6.

Update: Sold out

Every car should have a decent emergency kit tucked away in the trunk, especially when you can get one for just $16. Even at that low price, you get booster cables, gloves, a reflective vest, tape, pliers, a first aid kit, a help sign, a space blanket, and a lot more. It’s a little overkill for changing a tire, but it could really save your bacon in a more serious situation.

Everyone should own an OBDII scanner to diagnose check engine lights without schlepping to the auto parts store, and you’ve got three options to choose form today.

The $9 Goliath Bluetooth scanner (code M2LXO27S) can connect to Android devices to interface with various OBDII apps, but you’ll need the $14 Wi-Fi model (code WK92LDL4) if you own an iPhone.

If you don’t want to futz with connecting a dongle to your phone, there’s also a standalone reader available on eBay for $14. I own this exact model, and it gets the job done just fine.

Sorel is one of your favorite winter boot brands, and the Tofino was the one to beat. If you’re dying to get out of this weird in between weather and are already thinking about the snow, grab one of these boots for under $100 at Nordstrom Rack. There are a bunch of different styles for both men and women.

Sitting is killing you, but if a standing desk isn’t an option, this discounted foam cushion can at least take some of the strain off your lower back.

This orthopedic cushion is designed to take pressure of your tailbone while seated, easing lower back pain and numbness. We’ve seen deals on similar cushions in the past, but never for this cheap.

The new Doom game is...exactly what you’d expect it to be, which is mostly a good thing. If it’s been on your wishlist, Amazon’s knocked it down to $25 today for Xbox One, and PS4, within a few bucks of an all-time low, and the best price we’ve seen in months.

Did we convince you that you need Stila All Day Waterproof Eyeliner, but $20 was just a little too much? Or maybe you’ve been meaning to try theBalm lipstick but keep putting it off. Well, today only, when you use the code LUXMAKEUP20 on Amazon, you’ll take 20% off any luxury beauty makeup item of your heart’s desire.

Even better? If you’ve never bought any Luxury Beauty from Amazon, use the code LUXBEAUTY and you’ll get an additional 15% off. Keep in mind though, the 20% off code only works on any one makeup item and the 15% off works for anyone Luxury Beauty item, but both codes can only be used once.

As great as the DualShock 4 is for gaming, it’s decidedly not ideal for media playback. This officially licensed PS4 media remote can control your PS4 over Bluetooth, and up to three additional devices over IR, and today’s $20 deal is $10 less than usual.

Like the idea of a Belkin WeMo Switch, but not willing to spend $40-$50 to try one out? This TP-Link alternative has a nearly identical feature set for about half the price.

Just like a WeMo switch, TP-Link’s Smart Plug will let you turn appliances on and off from your smartphone, and set schedules to toggle them automatically. The only major feature it’s lacking is IFTTT support, but it will integrate with an Amazon Echo for voice control.

Today on Amazon, you can get a 2-pack for just $45, if you’re willing to wait out a backorder.

A lockbox doesn’t do a whole lot to deter thieves if they can just grab the entire thing off your shelf, but this Master Lock 5900D includes a built-in security cable so you can secure it to something solid.

This bowl looks nice, and it’s $10. I have nothing else to add.

Shun makes some of the best knives on the market, and this drop-dead gorgeous santoku is marked down to $130, within a few bucks of an all-time low.

If you use Tide PODS for your laundry anyway, you might as well buy a new tub from Amazon and save $2. Discount shown at checkout.

This water-resistant Mpow Bluetooth speaker has been popular among our readers during a few $15-$20 deals in the past, but today, you can get it for an all-time low $11 with code Q498N2AN. It’s hardly the only water-resistant speaker in this price range, but I appreciate the suction cup mount that allows you to stick it to your shower wall.





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