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Jackery makes some of the most popular battery packs around, but the brand new Jackery Jewel is unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

Really, the Jewel isn’t so much a battery pack as it is a Lightning cable with a battery bulge in the middle. That 450mAh battery is only good for a ~15-20% charge, depending on the iPhone model, but that can be the difference between finishing the night with a working smartphone or an inert slab of glass.

When it’s plugged into a charger or computer, the Jewel also acts as a standard Lightning cable, except that while it’s refueling your phone or syncing data, it’s also recharging its built-in battery. Jackery sent me one of these to try out a few weeks ago, and I often find myself using it around the house when I want to stave off battery anxiety without tethering myself to a power outlet.

For a limited time, Jackery’s offering a 20% launch discount on the Jewel with promo code JERJEWEL, so if you want to add this to your charging gear collection, there’s no reason to wait.

This lightweight sleeping bag is only $21 with promo code JW843IQ5, but if we’re being honest here, I’m only really posting it because it’s the Friday afternoon of Gawker senior week, and that product image is one of the best things I’ve ever seen.

If you can’t find the time to get to the gym every day, this under-desk elliptical lets you squeeze in some light exercise while you fill out spreadsheets and file expense reports. $100 is the lowest price Amazon’s ever offered, and actually matches a Gold Box deal from a few weeks ago.

This Allen Sports bike rack can hang three bikes off the back of almost any sedan, hatchback, minivan, or SUV, and Amazon will sell it to you for just $35 today, its lowest price in months. Amazon’s built-in compatibility tool (at the top of the page) will even tell you definitively whether it will fit your car. Please, just be careful.

The Amazon Fire HD 6 is one of the best sub-$100 tablets you can buy, and the Fire HD 10 makes for a great portable TV, and you can save on both today on Amazon as part of a back to school promotion.

If you’re looking to add to your Lightning cable collection, RAVPower will give you a 3' cable for free when you purchase a $13, 6' cable today. That’s a little bit pricey for the 6' cable on its face, but it does have a fancy looking metal connector, as does the shorter cable that you’re getting for free.

Just add both cables to your cart, and use code M585VCOK at checkout.

Every traveler needs a good toiletry kit, and preferably a hanging one at that. This model from AmazonBasics isn’t made of fancy leather, and it’s not embroidered with your initials, but it’s down to an all-time low $12 today, and should last you for years.

This 50W flood light is not only equipped with a timer to program it for security purposes, it also has a remote controlled-dimmer and color-change setting and it’s waterproof. But wait, there’s more! It’s $10 less than it’s ever been on Amazon right now when you use the code LKNOVA20.

The best thing about fall is all the fall smells. Not the actual IRL smells, but the ones that brands dig up for their limited edition things like Cinnamon Apple and Pumpkin Pie. You can stock up on those scents and more with 2-for-$24 3-wick candles from Bath & Body Works and make your whole place smell like Leaves or something.

You’ve heard of Automatic’s smart driving assistant, but if $80-$100 is too rich for your blood, this cheap OBD2 dongle connects to any iPhone or Android device over Wi-Fi, and can fulfill many of the same functions using various third party apps.

Update: It seems like the double discount is working for some people, and not others. We’re not sure what exactly is going on, but even if it’s not working for you, $14 is a great price.

We’ve seen this exact model in the past for $14, and indeed, that’s what this deal was supposed to be. However, it seems like promo code OBDWIFI5 is applying two separate discounts right now, bringing it all the way down to $9.

Illuminate any path with this 2-pack of LED headlamps, each with rechargeable batteries, for only $14 (the best price yet) when you use the code. Honestly, I think headlamps are absolutely necessary for anyone that does any outdoorsy activities or anyone that just likes to mess with their friends.

If you missed out a few weeks ago, this Char-Broil smoker is back down to $65 on Amazon today.

Obviously, there are bigger and better meat smokers out there, but if you’re just curious about the process, this is a fine starter model, particularly if you don’t have a ton of outdoor space. And if you’re the DIY type, there are even some easy modifications you could implement to improve it.

Aukey’s hefty 500ml oil diffuser can last up to 16 hours without refilling, and can also works as a color changing night light to boot. That’s not a bad package for $30.

Don’t forget to pick up some oils!

Ready to experience meat in a whole new way? You can pick up the newest model of Anova’s top-selling Sous Vide immersion circulator for $50 off.

Lifehacker has a great explainer on Sous-Vide cooking for you to check out, but the basic idea is that you seal the food in plastic bags, and then cook it in precisely heated water over a longer period of time. It sounds weird, but trust me when I say that it works like magic.

Every time we post this, we get some snark about the Wi-Fi connectivity, so just know that it’s optional. If you connect your phone, you can find a recipe via Anova’s app, and automatically program the cooker with one tap, but you certainly don’t need to use it.

Stick-anywhere LED lights are great for everything from closets and cabinets to bathrooms and hallways, and this OxyLED tap model is just $5 on Amazon today with promo code 4SCSPJDW.

These run off of AAA batteries, so you should probably pick up some Eneloops while they’re on sale as well.

$100 is a solid price for any top of the line electric toothbrush, and Oral-B’s Pro 7000 SmartSeries add Bluetooth to the mix, just for kicks.

In addition to six different cleaning modes (including one for your tongue), a travel kit, a pressure sensor, and a timer, the Pro 7000 also syncs to an iOS or Android app that tracks your brushing habits and offers personalized feedback.

I know a lot of people are reflexively against the Bluetoothification of everyday household items, and that’s fine. What I’m saying is that even if you never download that app, this is still a fantastic toothbrush at $100. Just be sure to clip the $20 coupon on the page to get the full discount.

As long as you don’t mind buying a certified refurb, this 38" VIZIO sound bar is fantastic value at $70.

Without a subwoofer, this might not be ideal for a main home theater sound system, but it’d be a massive upgrade to, say, your bedroom TV’s built-in speakers. And when your TV’s turned off, it’ll also work as a massive Bluetooth speaker for playing music from your phone.

You probably looked at that image up there and laughed. But let me tell you, there’s nothing funny about using the bathroom in the middle of the night and having to turn on an overhead light to see where you’re going. Because as soon as you hit that switch, you know you’re not getting back to sleep for another hour.

GlowBowl fits on just about any toilet, is motion activated, and can even output seven different colors of light. Most importantly though, it won’t wreak havoc on your circadian rhythms. It normally sells for $20, and is worth every penny, but you can pick one up from Amazon right now for $15, matching a Prime Day deal.

The TiVo for cord cutters comes with lifetime service and a 1TB hard drive, and Amazon’s offering the first deal we’ve ever seen on it today.

The original Roamio OTA sold for $50 with a 500GB hard drive, but you had to pay $15 per month for the TiVo service. The new model though comes with 1TB of space, and usually retails for $400 upfront, with lifetime service. Assuming you’ll use it for more than a couple years, that’s a good deal on its face, but Amazon’s taking an extra $28 off the sticker price right now, while supplies last.

Just note that this model is not compatible with cable services; it’s designed specifically for use with an OTA antenna, such as the top-selling Mohu Leaf.

We see $10 off deals on PlayStation Plus just about every week, but today...are you sitting down? Today, you can save $11.

The heat is raging on but that doesn’t mean your mind can’t be on the cooler months. Patagonia’s 30% off sale is full of cold-weather staples like their Nano-Air Jacket and Ultralight Down Vest (plus a few summer styles leftover as well). Stock up on men’s and women’s styles while the prices are way low.

Sorel is one of your favorite winter boot brands, and the Tofino was the one to beat. If you’re dying to get out of this summer heat and are already thinking about the winter, grab one of these boots for under $100 at Nordstrom Rack. Not into the Tofino? There’s 90 different styles to choose from.

For several months now, single-port Quick Charge 2.0 wall chargers have bottomed out at $5. Today though, you can get a dual-port model from Omaker for just $4 with promo code QOM3OFT3.

If your phone already supports Quick Charge 3.0, you can get a dual-port wall charger and a (non-Quick Charge) car charger for $20 as well. Just add both to your cart, and use code CQERFTDC.

It’s 2016, and your vacuum shouldn’t have a cord anymore. The Hoover Linx features an 18-volt battery, a motorized brush that you can turn on and off, and an easy-to-empty receptacle, and Amazon will sell you one for $97 today. That’s not an all-time low, but it’s a solid discount from its usual $110-$130 price range.

Does Samsonite make the best luggage you can buy? Of course not. But $85 is still a ridiculously good price for a complete 5-piece set (with code BONVOYAGE). And with the company’s 10 year limited warranty, your investment should last for many trips to come.

Copper string lights are so hot right now (but not literally, because they’re LEDs), and you can choose from two different options on sale today. $8 gets you a 33' strand that plugs into the wall, or you can opt for a $10, 20' set that runs off of solar power.

Rice cookers have their place, but if you’re just cooking for a small group, and don’t have a ton of storage space, this $14 3-cup (cooked) model from Black & Decker might be all that your kitchen needs.

If there’s one thing I have too many of, its striped shirts (or so I’ve been told). But if you, like me, appreciate a good Breton stripe and know that you can never actually have too many, this one’s for you. Grab 20% off sale shirts and sweaters from L.L. Bean, including this awesome striped number. That Heather Grey is calling my name.

If you still have any TVs without a Chromecast attached, Google’s official eBay store will sell you one at a $5 discount today (also available on Chromecast Audio). Plus, Google will throw in 90 days of unlimited Google Play music, plus two months of Spotify Premium (new users only) for free.

If you missed out in theaters, Amazon and iTunes will rent you an HD copy of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight for just a buck right now. As with all digital rentals, you’ll have 30 days to start watching, and then 24 (iTunes) or 48 (Amazon) hours to finish, so you don’t have to find time to watch it tonight.

A small new batch of $20 Nintendo Selects games will be released on August 26, and if you have Amazon Prime, you can get any or all of them for just $16 (discount shown at checkout).

iClever’s BoostCube travel USB charger isn’t as small as the Aukey we highlighted earlier this week, but it can put out 12W and 2.4A per port, rather than sharing that amount of power between both. That’s a ton of power for $7 (with code DEALBIG1).

Perry Ellis is sailing into the end of the summer by clearing out their clearance rack. Save an additional 60% on clearance items, and stock up short-sleeve button downs for those end-of-summer BBQs or a nice polo for your friends’ engagement party.

Speaking of deals to make your bike smarter, this $18 gadget from KMASHI is an LED headlight, Bluetooth speaker, and USB battery pack all rolled into one. That means you can roll between Pokéstops all night long, and be able to hear when a new Pokémon comes into range.

You all know the drill with these dry bags by now. They keep your phone safe from the elements whether you’re surfing in the ocean, swimming in a pool, or just lounging on the beach, and $7 for a three-pack is about as cheap as you’ll ever see them.

By now, most of you probably have a USB battery pack or two to keep your phones charged, and that’s great! But I’m willing to bet most of them won’t start your car if its battery dies.

The $59 Anker compact car jump starter has your standard pair of USB ports and a 10,000mAh built-in battery, but it also ships with a set of removable jumper cables to jolt your car’s engine to life in a pinch. Once you’re up and running, it’ll even recharge itself via an included 15V car charger, so it never even has to leave your glove box.

Hopefully you don’t need to use this often, but it’s one of those things you’ll be really glad you bought when the time comes. This particular model has been a little cheaper during a couple of Amazon Gold Boxes, but today’s price is still well below its usual $70-$80.

There’s a little-known indie game called No Man’s Sky out today on PS4, and if you have Prime, you can snag a copy for $48 (discount shown at checkout).

In case you weren’t aware, this 20% video game discount is available for Prime members on all preorder and new release games (physical copies only), out to two weeks post-release. So if you’re ready to take off an explore the universe, this is an easy way to save $12.

Amazon bills this buy two and save $5 promotion as a back to school special, but I’m not going back to school anytime soon, and I would still love to buy some of these snacks. Eligible products include everything from Lays chips to Starbucks Refreshers to oatmeal, so head over to Amazon and pick out your two favorites.




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