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Update: You guys used up all the promo codes, but you can still buy it for $26, with a slight backorder.

The newest member of Anker’s insanely popular PowerCore battery pack family pulls double duty as a USB wall charger, and you can save 20% at launch with promo code 321KINJA.

I’ve been playing around with the PowerCore Fusion for a little over a week, and it’s already replaced a bunch of now-redundant gear in my travel bag. You can read all of my impressions here, and then head over to Amazon to get yours for $21.

This Gold Box is made for the person that wants that home gym but doesn’t actually have the room for it. The infamous Perfect Pushup is marked down under $30, along with the Ab Carver, and a doorway pull up bar. So basically, there’s no excuse not to work out at home now.

If resistance training is more your thing, how about grabbing some of these discounted bands?

Plugging in a USB charger doesn’t mean you have to lose an AC outlet. In fact, you can add more of both to your home with these discounted Aukey chargers.

The IPX7 water-resistant UE Roll 2 Bluetooth speaker sounds great, can connect to two source devices at once (and store six more in memory), and can pair with a second UE speaker for stereo sound. But let’s be honest, the real reason to buy it is the adorable pool floaty that comes in the box. $68 is the best price Amazon’s ever offered, so grab one before they sell out.

Plenty of Bluetooth speakers are water resistant, but few include a suction cup to stick to the wall of your shower, especially at this price.

Today on Amazon, you can score an all-time low price on RAVPower’s FileHub Plus, which is actually three travel-friendly devices in one:

You might have a bathroom scale at home that works just fine for weighing luggage when you’re leaving town, but this hanging scale is small enough to take with you, so you can make sure you won’t get dinged for all of those heavy souvenirs on your return trip. All it has to do is save you from an overweight baggage fee once, and it will have paid for itself several times over.

Still haven’t made the transition to LED? Amazon will sell you a 6-pack of highly rated TaoTronics soft white bulbs for just $11 right now with promo code HL63ISTM. These put out the brightness equivalent of a 60W incandescent, but with only 9W of electricity each. Plus, many local utility companies offer rebates when you buy these things, so they should pay for themselves in short order.

The trick to making delicious pizza with crispy crust is a hot oven. Like, really hot. PizzaCraft’s propane-powered PizzaQue outdoor oven can get up to 700 degrees, which will turn out a perfectly cooked pizza in just 6 minutes.

Today’s $112 deal is an all-time low, just be sure to get a pizza peel to go with it.

Vantrue’s popular dash cams are back on sale, and this time around, you get to choose from two different models.

The $57 N1 has essential features like 1080p recording, motion-detecting parking mode, and a G-sensor to save your data after a collision, while the $120 X2 adds 2.5K recording, a wider viewing angle, HDR, and improved optics.

Amazon hasn’t given up on your new year’s fitness resolutions, and neither should you. Today only, you can save big on several Optimum Nutrition protein powders, plus a BSN protein bar.

This Xbox One gamepad includes a detachable microUSB cable for lag-free gaming on your PC, but it’s actually the new Xbox One S gamepad, so you can use it over Bluetooth as well without issue.

We’ve seen the controllers by themselves dip to $40 on occasion, especially last month, but this is the best price Amazon’s ever offered on the cable bundle.

This 54-piece screwdriver set is marketed as a laptop repair kit, but with a snake attachment and tons of bits, it could come in handy for all sorts of repairs in hard-to-reach places.

You probably rolled your eyes when Pepsi started making “craft” sodas, but it turns out, they’re actually really good, and Amazon will sell you a 12-can variety pack, or 12 “Original” cans for $10 when you use Subscribe & Save and clip the 30% coupon on the page. Those are easily the best prices we’ve ever seen, so order fast, then sip slow.

Note: You won’t see the 30% discount until checkout.

USB-C is the future, and Anker’s kevlar and nylon-wrapped Powerline+ cables are the best you can buy.

With 4GB of RAM and an IPS touchscreen, the Lenovo N22 is a little more advanced than your average Chromebook. Today only though, you’ll only have to pay the bargain basement price of $180. And yes, it will run Android apps.

iTunes gift card discounts are noticeably less common than they used to be, and while we do see 20% discounts from time to time, a $100 iTunes gift card for $85, is still a solid deal if you pay for apps, movies, Apple Music, iCloud storage, or Mario Run unlocks.

Steaming your clothes might not get them as crisp as ironing, but it does a decent enough job in a fraction of the time, and for $15, why not? It’s even small enough to pack away in your suitcase.

TriggerPoint makes the most popular foam rollers out there, and two different models are on sale today: One for your feet (in two different densities), and one for the rest of you.

If you missed out on Fitbit’s Black Friday discounts, Amazon’s taking $20 off two of their most popular new trackers.

The Fitbit Flex 2 improves on its predecessor with water resistance, swim tracking, colored LEDs, and a smaller design. And for my money, it’s the most attractive fitness tracker I’ve ever seen.

Meanwhile, the Charge 2 adds connected GPS (meaning your phone has to be nearby), VO2 max level measuring, and even call & text alerts from your phone.

These deals aren’t as good as we saw last month, but if you need a little extra help with your new year’s resolutions, they’re pretty solid.

You might not need to use a Dremel all that often, but it’s one of those things everyone should keep in their tool box, if only for sanding wood and engraving things. And today, Amazon’s discounting the Dremel 8050 Micro Rotary tool kit to an all-time low $63.

Of course, the kit comes with a standard, battery powered 2-speed Dremel rotary tool, but it also boasts an 18-piece accessory kit to cut, sand, grind, clean, carve, and more.

People still use pens and paper, who woulda thunk? If you cannot fathom where your pens keep disappearing to and need some replacements, this box of 12 BIC Velocity Bold black ball-point pens is only $5, the lowest it’s ever been.

This neck massager may look like a torture device, but let me tell you. I have a similar one from a different brand and it’s fantastic. The weird arm things help you regulate the pressure of the massager and it also heats up. It’s like the best straight jacket you’ve ever worn.

These days, you probably charge as many things over USB as you do over standard AC outlets, so it only makes sense to add some semi-permanent USB ports to your home.

Today on Amazon, you can get highly-rated duplex receptacles with a pair of USB ports for $16 each, one of the best prices we’ve seen. These have proven very popular with readers in the past, even at higher prices, so be sure to secure a few before Amazon sells out.

Rain-X’s water repellency wiper blades don’t just push water off your windshield; they actively coat it with a water repelling formula that lasts for months. For a limited time, Amazon’s taking 15% off every size blade that they sell, with the discount shown at checkout.

Note: If you aren’t seeing the discount, make sure the listing is shipped and sold by directly, not a third party seller.





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