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This Tiny Ring is Reinventing How You Wear Your Hair Up

Inivisbobble sounds like something your 4-year-old cousin named their new invention, but it’s actually an incredibly genius little thing. It looks like a modified phone cord and it also looks like a hair death trap. The first time I saw one, I was convinced I would end up with half my hair in my hand by the time I tried to pull this thing off of my skull.


But this little swirl of wonderment came out, even from wet hair, without tangling in my almost-waist-length hair. After leaving it in over night, I woke up crease-free. I genuinely couldn’t believe that in all of my 26 years of having long hair, a small ring of resin from Sephora that looks like something you would find in a Pretty, Pretty Princess game, changed everything.

And yet, here we are.

Note: I was distraught after I thought I had stretched mine out to a non-usable girth, but throw it into a bowl of hot water, and it’ll shrink right back down.


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