This Robot Does Windows

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Window washing is awful. Window washing is so bad that it’s not included in most home cleaning services. Window washing is so bad that Deadspin didn’t even bother to rank it.

ECOVACS WINBOTS (please stop with the all caps) are Roombas for your windows, glass shower doors, and most other glass surfaces you stick them to. The suction force the high speed fan is able to produce is pretty amazing, and it makes sense that dragging a squeegee over a surface using that much pressure does a great job of cleaning.

Power on, attach, press play, and the WINBOT will clean your panel of glass, using frames and drop-offs as guides, and even navigating around knobs and hinges. The 900 series’ ability to efficiently navigate a framed window is already impressive, but watching it hit the edge of a floating glass shower door is really something.


As you can imagine, using the WINBOT on exterior upper-story windows with no balcony below them is terrifying, even with the well-designed safety tether, but at no time in our testing did we see the WINBOT’s suction waver. If there’s a power outage or the WINBOT’s power cord comes unplugged, an internal battery can continue to power the suction for 15 minutes.

If you live in a window-saturated modern construction like I do, the WINBOT may be the only way to clean some of your exterior windows, short of bring in professional cleaners.


As with vacuuming and mopping robots, the WINBOT is not going to do a better job than you taking the time and energy to patiently clean by hand. However, the difference between using the WINBOT and not cleaning your windows is night and day, and if at first the robot doesn’t succeed, run it again.

The included cleaning pads are washable. Just don’t use anything other than WINBOT Professional Cleaning Solution. It leave film.