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This Pre-Workout Doesn't Make Me Feel Jittery and Actually Tastes Good, Seriously

Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, $20
Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy, $20
Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

Hey guys, it’s me, the Inventory’s Resident Cat Lady/Tyrone’s mom, here to talk about something besides my pets. Today, I want to talk to you about pre-workout supplements.


If you recall from the time I wore a dress during a workout, I’m on a bit of a fitness journey. I work out five to seven times a week. Some workouts are much tougher to get through than others. My trainers have my using battle ropes, lifting weights, flipping bags, and more. If 18-year-old Ana knew I could actually bench press at the gym and not die of embarrassment after, she’d be in disbelief. To get through some workouts, especially those early AM ones, I need more than just the desire to get into better shape. I need some damn energy.

In the past, I’ve tried a few different pre-workout supplements, from C4 and Muscle Pharm. They did their job of giving me energy before a workout, but they didn’ always make me feel great. If I want energy and to feel like crap, I could just some Oreos. Which I did do when I was 20. I am not 20 anymore, and that is a really unhealthy option. I didn’t like that other pre-workout powders made me feel jittery before and during my workout. And in some cases, I also felt extremely itchy.


At the time, I didn’t have a trainer to ask why that was happening when I took pre-workout. I eventually stopped, because feeling jittery made me feel like shit. After talking to my trainer, Brittany, she introduced me to an Amino Energy that would help me power through workouts without feeling like I am going to explode. And, the supplement has the added benefit of helping my muscles recover after my workout as well.

Brittany and other trainers at the gym all sip on Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy before and during their workouts at the gym. After months of watching them drink it and feeling drained during my own workouts, I decided to try it out for myself. At Brittany’s suggestion, I decided to try the Blueberry Mojito flavor. I was pretty shocked to discover I actually liked it since I hate mojitos and I only like blueberries when they come in muffins.

Illustration for article titled This Pre-Workout Doesnt Make Me Feel Jittery and Actually Tastes Good, Seriously
Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

The Blueberry Mojito flavor is surprisingly refreshing. In the past, I hated how strong pre-workout powder tasted. I would sometimes have to hold my nose and chug it all at once so I could stomach it. Now, I actually don’t mind the taste at all, it actually tastes pretty good. After having it cold, room temperature, and ice cold, I can confirm it tastes best ice cold. Maybe the added ice makes it more lie a mojito? Who knows.

For those who are looking for a pick-me-up before the gym, without any added sugar, this is a great option. Additionally, one serving (two scoops) just has one carb, so it is an ideal choice for anyone on a low-carb diet. The Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy has freeform amino acids for rapid uptake. The essential amino acids include BCAAs to support recovery before, during, and after exercise.

It says for the best taste and effect, you mix two scoops in 10 to 12 ounces of water. I actually do about 16 ounces of water and some ice cubes. If I want a little more energy, I’ll do three scoops. For moderate energy, you can do four scoops and intense energy you can do six scoops. Four scoops have 200 mg of caffeine and six scoops have 300 mg of caffeine. It is not recommended to consume any more than 10 scoops in a day.


What I like best about this product is the taste actually is good and I feel like I have more sustained energy throughout my workout. I can take this before a workout for the boost I need to push through, but I don’t feel super amped up after the workout is over. It is a safe option that won’t have me up all night if I go to the gym after work. Whereas, some other pre-workout supplements were too intense and made me feel anxious for hours after the workout.

I even got Tercius, who is a Peloton King, to try the Blueberry Mojito flavor as well and he agreed with me about the taste. He’s put it on his watchlist for the next time it goes on sale. Once this flavor runs out, I plan to test out one of the other 10+ flavors offered to see if there are any others I like as much as this one.


Ana works as the senior commerce editor at The Inventory. Her dream job is to make her senior Yorkie, Tyrone, Insta famous.

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