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This Miroco Lamp Made Me Actually Believe In Light Therapy Lamps

Miroco Light Therapy Lamp, $43
Miroco Light Therapy Lamp, $43
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

People used to worship the sun.

Ancient cultures came around it. The sun bright light, warmth, and life to the world. And, when it left, it left.

We have some better options.

Respectfully to Edison and Tesla both, artificial lights can be a bit, well, artificial. Think of the difference between a sun-tan and a spray-tan. Mass-produced alternatives aren’t the same as the real thing.

Enter the Miroco Light Therapy Lamp.


I’ve been sensitive to seasonal depression and wondered for a while about the benefits of the lamp. But, the barrier to entry has been difficult: Most of the options were either too expensive or in the “glowing therapeutic tablet” space.

This was better.

The Micoro lamp is rounded and elegant, making it unobtrusive and flat-out useful and portable. It’s also inexpensive, the price is a nice midpoint between “very affordable” and “probably not a piece of garbage.”

Also helpful: the strikingly high reviews. As I write this, it has 274 reviews, for a sparkling 4.8 out of 5 stars. Even more shocking: All but three of the reviews are four or five stars.

Add me to the list of believers.

Miroco Light Therapy Lamp, $43
Miroco Light Therapy Lamp, $43
Photo: Amazon

The Micoro lamp works. The light from it feels different, and my mood is, well, sunnier because of it. And, in the wake of daylight savings time, I’m delighted to make my own daylight at the touch of an elegant, idiot-proof lamp small enough to take with me and large enough to count as “real furniture.”

Another point I want to emphasize is that this is idiot-proof. Other Seasonal Affective Disorder lamps can be intimidating by design, pitching benefits in a demanding, difficult way – requiring set-up, materials, and more. In comparison, the Micoro lamp is intuitive and, thankfully, completely assembled. You simply tap it to turn it on, and can toggle between three different brightness settings.

The first level of brightness is my favorite; that’s what I use later at night and in the early mornings to ease me into the day or to keep me from sulking off to sleep at 9:00 PM. And the brightest setting is what I keep on to keep me energetic – willing to leave the house or cook rather than slumping into my cat-hair couch.

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Photo: Amazon

I don’t use the middle setting – middles are for cowards––but even that is a nice, warm glow.

With the Micoro lamp, the winter doldrums are erased. In the evening, my bedroom is cozy and autumnal, with the haze of late sunlight – even as it’s pitch-black. And waking up in the cold, dark morning is easier when the light tells you otherwise.


The best metaphor I can give is that the Micoro lamp is to the winter what an air conditioner is to the summer. Sure, you can live without one, but would you want to?

Believe in the sun. Believe in the light.

Believe in the lamp.

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