This Little Stick Is My Trick For Muscle Pain Relief

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Muscle Pain Relief Balm
Muscle Pain Relief Balm
Graphic: Ana Luisa Suarez

Feeling a little sore after a work out is something I’ve always craved, as I feel like it’s confirmation that I put in some good work at the gym. But it turns out, feeling sore doesn’t actually feel good. After a while, I realized I needed something to help when I was little too sore to function like a human being.

I know plenty of people use Icy Hot or Tiger Balm for post-workout aches and pains. But I happened to stumble upon Muscle Pain Relief Balm from BodyGlide, which is basically the same concept, but in stick form. I’ve found that most pain relief balms are greasy and make my hands feel gross after, and Icy Hot patches slide right off me when it’s hot out. But with the BodyGlide stick, I can rub it straight on, without having to get my hands dirty.

Here’s what this product claims to provide:

Ultra strong, temporary relief for muscle and joint pain caused by over-exertion. Recommended for simple backache, strains, bruises, arthritis, and more. Produces levels of heat to help relieve pain, enable faster warmups, and to help restore and retain range of motion. The highest level of active ingredients and infused with a mild, citrus scent.


When I’m sore post-workout, I usually put this on after a shower. It feels sort of warming right after you apply it, but that usually fades within minutes. I will say, if you put it on a little too liberally, it will feel like more like burning sensation, not a pleasant warmth. I learned that the hard way, and never made the mistake again.

While I bought this for workout aches, I actually use it more often for pain in my neck from sleeping. I have a lot of hair and while I love my hair, I get annoyed with it at night and usually toss it in a bun. But unfortunately, if I try to sleep with a bun in my hair, I will 100% wake up with pain in my neck. This little stick helps when I wake up feeling like an 80 year old.

This BodyGlide balm has been my go-to for years now. There might be a stronger balm out there—this certainly isn’t the strongest that I’ve tried—but for me, it’s got just the right pain-relieving strength. You can use your Amazon Prime free shipping to get it online, but I will say it’s cheaper at Target (though you’ll then have to pay for shipping, pick your own battle).