This Is One of the Best Prices We've Seen on One of Anker's Best Projectors

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Anker Nebula Mars II Portable Projector | $350 | Woot

Have you been waiting to pull the trigger on one of Anker’s Nebula projectors? Today Woot is offering one of the best deals we’ve ever seen on the 300 ANSI lumen-powered Nebula Mars II model.

In my review, I said:

If you, like me, had a living situation that’d benefit from a dynamic viewing experience—e.g. want to take it with you camping—or to another room, it’s a safe bet. The Nebula by Anker Mars II Pro won’t wow persnickety, home theater aficionados but for the casual gaming or viewing session, it stuns.

Just remember, this is a one-day deal. So if you’ve been putting it off, pick this up today before the stock runs out.