This $8 Magnetic Mat Makes Small Repairs Infinitely Easier

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Showpin Magnetic Mat | $8 | Amazon
Showpin Magnetic Mat | $8 | Amazon
Photo: Amazon

Keeping track of screws when you’re building IKEA furniture is hard enough. When you’re repairing an iPhone or a PC though, and the screws are roughly the size of a tick that you wouldn’t notice attached to your arm for several days, it’s all but impossible.

But this magical magnetic mat makes it not only possible, but easy. The screws stick to the mat wherever you drop them, meaning you can keep them in the proper location relative to whatever it is you’re fixing. You can even write on the mat with the included dry erase marker to take notes about how things fit back together. The mat typically sells for $9-$12, and today’s $8 deal is the best Amazon’s ever had.