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Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

Hi guys, it’s Tyrone’s mom again! Have you missed my weekly musings about how wonderful Tyrone is? Me too. Well, I’m back to share one of Tyrone’s favorite toys. Just like his mama, Tyrone loves donuts. Except, his are sugar and carb-free and they squeak.

A few months ago, you might recall our co-op asking for toy suggestions for super chewers. Tyrone might only weigh eight pounds, but he chews through toys with the ferocity of a 120-pound dog. He has the energy of a puppy when he gets his paws on a toy and nothing can stop him from chewing right to the squeaker.


It has been a dilemma that I’ve dealt with for years. Tyrone loves toys. Whenever I come home with a new toy he races around the room until I let him play with his new toy. At nearly 12 years old, I feel obliged to make sure he has many puppy-like moments (that don’t include accidents) that I possibly can. He is my baby, after all. So, I’m in this weird place where I need to buy him toys, but he breaks them all, so then I need to buy more toys, and suddenly I am spending more on my dog than myself.

Tyrone doesn’t love the typical Kong toy. Yes, it is a good toy to chew, and he will chew on it if I toss it around a bit. But he needs something that squeaks. He gets a little glint in his eyes when he hears a toy squeak and he’s turned into a tiny mad man, determined to play and kill that toy. And I found a toy that fits the bill. I found the ZippyPaws Donutz No Stuffing Squeaky Plug Dog Toy. (Very long name, we just call it his donut).

I actually stumbled upon this in Home Goods. I could write an entire other blog dedicated to the good pet finds I’ve gotten at Home Goods. Pet food containers, pet mats, pet beds, and toys. So. Many. Fucking. Toys. And most of the toys are under $10. Seriously, if you buy your dog a lot of toys, you need to go there.

But alas, if you don’t live near one, that makes things hard. ZippyPaws is a brand that Home Goods sells. I was blessed to find that the brand is also on Amazon. Tyrone needs a lot of donuts. He’s like his mom and wants more donuts. So, it is easy for me to stock up.

Just like his mother, Tyrone naps after having a good pink-frosted donut.
Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

This donut has lasted much longer than any other toy Tyrone has ever had. Since I like to indulge Tyrone, he has a number of donuts in our apartment, at his Grammy’s house when he visits her, and his go-bag for the random trip out. Of all the donuts I’ve bought, he’s only truly broken one.

This donut toy satisfies his squeaking needs because it is two giant squeakers. The two squeakers make the shape of the donut, which makes it harder for Tyrone to rip through the toy to get to the squeaker since it isn’t all plush. When toys are made of all plush stuffing, they never last longer than 30 seconds with Tyrone.


This isn’t indestructible. The fabric can rip and be torn off. But it still holds together so well, that it doesn’t really look like he broke the toy. I just check to make sure he didn’t swallow anything during his vigorous chewing. This toy lasts through all of his most intense chewing bouts and for $5, I have no issue buying more to keep him happy.

Ana works as the senior commerce editor at The Inventory. Her dream job is to make her senior Yorkie, Tyrone, Insta famous.

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