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This $30 Eureka Is All the Vacuum I Need

The Eureka Blaze 3-In-1 Vacuum 
The Eureka Blaze 3-In-1 Vacuum 
Graphic: Shep McAllister

When it comes to buying household items, I tend to look for value and utility in the simplest possible package. Add too many bells and whistles, and I struggle to wrap my head around the product. So in the world of vacuums, which it must be said, I really don’t care much about, I’m a bit overwhelmed. It feels like nothing gets much love if it isn’t a robot roaming your floors, or an over-designed tool that rhymes with Tyson. And fair enough, those products get rave reviews, but they’re also pricey. So for those who want a low price and total efficacy, please welcome this Eureka Vacuum into your home.

The Eureka Blaze 3-1 is a dream, because it’s actually three tools in one: a stick vacuum, a hand vacuum, and a crevice cleaning tool, all for a paltry $30. All three options work well, but the stick vacuum mode, with its ability to flatten down and roll low to get under furniture, can handle most of your vacuuming needs. It will clean up hard wood floors with ease, rolling smoothly without scratching them up. And while I can’t speak to its work on high pile carpets, it proves totally adequate on my rugs and bath mats.

It’s powerful enough pick up anything in its path in a single motion, collecting bigger chunks of dirt and bites of kibble strewn around my dog’s food bowl as well as dog hair and dust. And with its large dustbin, I’ve been able to do multiple passes through my house before I need to empty it. The only time I’ve managed to clog it was with a hubristic attempt at sucking up large, stray packing peanuts that I was unwilling to scoop up by hand. But otherwise, it quickly rids my floors of debris without causing headaches. And when I’m done cleaning, it’s skinny enough to pack away tightly in the closet.

Are there better vacuums on the market? There better be, because you can pay hundreds of dollars more for one. But the Eureka Blaze is plenty of vacuum for me, and you can’t beat it at $30.


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