Get an Echelon Exercise Bike for $200 Off and Spin the Black Circle

Take this promo code and buy an Echelon EX-3 Smart Connect exercise bike for a 25% discount.

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Echelon EX-3 Fitness Bike | $599 | StackSocial | Promo Code ECHELON
Echelon EX-3 Fitness Bike | $599 | StackSocial | Promo Code ECHELON
Graphic: Wes Davis

Echelon EX-3 Fitness Bike | $599 | StackSocial | Promo Code ECHELON

So, here’s the deal: an Echelon EX-3 Smart Connect Fitness Bike for $200 off when you use promo code ECHELON at checkout. And here’s about the bike: it has 32 resistance levels, a device holder so you can jam your tablet onto it while you exercise and dual-sided pedals with adjustable toe cages or SPD clips—that’s toe clips and clipless pedals, for you pedalheads, which is what I call people who are fans of bike pedals. The bike also features an adjustable seat and handlebars, and you can pick up the Echelon Fit app for (after you sign up for a paid membership) over 40 daily live classes, over 3,000 on-demand workouts, more than 60 instructors, and in excess of 1 million song and artist options for you to choose from.

The whole kit and caboodle weighs in at 104 lbs. and will support up to 300 lbs. of you. Its aggressive bullhorn-style handlebars mean you’ll have multiple grip options, and it has two butt rocket bottle cages right under the seat. Do we all call it that? Did I just get that from Bike Snob? Anyway, this sale ends on 03/17/2022, so buy this thing, eat a bunch of spaghetti, and tell your friends, “I’m into fitness: fitness bike in my house! Ha ha!” before you start spinning its black circle (that’s a reference).

This article was published by Wes Davis on 2/16/2022, and was updated on 03/07/2022.