This $20 Tyvek Wallet Is As Thin As They Come

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Leather can only get so thin, so if you want a truly minimal wallet, you may want to give paper a try.

Or to be more specific, tyvek. It’s waterproof, tear resistant, thin, and flexible... everything you’d want a minimal wallet to be. The upcoming Micro Wallet is made of nothing but carefully folded tyvek with a couple of RFID shields built in. It can hold up to eight cards (though in my experience, it performs much better with six), and comes in a few standard black designs, or your choice of unique artwork.

Eight commissioned designs are available already, and more will likely unlock through the course of the Kickstarter, which has already raised nearly $100,000. Preorder to get one for $20, or two for just $28, with bigger discounts available for larger orders.

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