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This $14 Hanging Organizer Does All the Hard Work For Me

Hanging Closet Organizer, $14
Hanging Closet Organizer, $14
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I live in New York, where the rooms are small and the roommates are judgemental. The furniture is tight and ugly, and you need clothes for every season.

So, rather than stuffing drawers and cramming hangers I solved my problems the old fashioned way: I bought something online to do my work for me.

I got the Hanging Closet Organizer.


Traditionally, my clothes have overflowed through tiny closets and dressers and down to my floor. Sure, some of that is me being a mess, but let’s be honest: In New York, real people often have fake furniture. And that comes with downsides.

The hanging closet organizer has been crucial for allowing me to maximize space by working in all three dimensions. It hangs naturally on its own hangers (included, thankfully!) and breaks up your closet by allowing you to stack things––all while keeping the floor of your closet open for even more storage.

Even better, the hanging closet organizer is cheap, making the barrier to entry. And I mean, “your fast-casual lunch” cheap, coming in at $13.97. It comes in a wide variety of colors too, in case you need to match a certain decor.

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Personally, I use my hanging closet organizer for the sorts of in-between items that don’t quite make it on to hangers themselves. Those change by the seasons: Nice t-shirts, nostalgic, itchy sweaters, the cardigan I’m supposed to wear one day, and all the other sort of fabric doodads that one gradually picks up through life.

Where other organizations are lower to the ground––think tubs on the ground and other low shelves––the hanging closet organizer is always at arms-level, allowing for an ease-of-use unrivaled by other solutions.


The hanging closet organizer offers you newfound space that you never used before––and It doesn’t require any real assembly, stress, or sorting.

What else are you going to do? Buy a better dresser? Fold your clothes consistently?

Get real. Get help.

Get the Hanging Closet Organizer.

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