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This $12 Electric Arc Lighter Is The One Purchase I Won't Shut Up About

Back when I was a wee Baby on the Kinja Deals team, learning the ways of the Deal Mines, I bought something because solely Shep said it was good. I barely knew Shep (at the time), but he seemed like the kind of person who knows what the fuck he is talking about. And I’ll be damned, it is the best thing I bought in 2019 and I haven’t shut up about it for over seven months now. I’m talking about that beautiful Tacklife Electric Arc Lighter.

If you’re an avid reader of The Inventory and Kinja Deals, chances are you’ve read about this lighter. We’ve written about it every time it is on sale because it is a great lighter. When we did a tribute article of the best deals Shep McAllister recommended, I obviously had to mention it. And Shep’s mom agreed with me! It’s awesome.

But now, I am here, to dedicate an entire post to this damn lighter. It changed my candle obsession. For the better! Well, in terms of ease of use. I am definitely spending way too much money on candles a month. I have a candle addiction. Bath & Body Works and Yankee Candle send me at least 10 emails a day and I avidly open each one. This obsession has turned my linen closet into a wannabe candle stock room.


I was so fed up with traditional multi-purpose lighters, I decided to try it to see if electric lighters are worth the hype. They are. Normal lighters don’t last long and are limited in how many lights they have. When you get down to the last few dredges of lighter fluid left to burn, these lighters a pain in the ass to use. You are forced to push down on the button and it just keeps clicking and clicking but produces no flame. It hurts your fingers to keep trying and I would wind up just throwing the thing across the room in frustration.

The Tacklife lighter is like a shiny new toy that has yet to lose its luster. After months of using it, – sometimes lighting up to six candles a day – it is still going strong. It can be used 1,000 times per charge and has 600mAh. For people who don’t know what mAh is (me), that means it is about 11 times stronger than other lighters. It comes with a charging cable and the Li-ion battery can be charged up to 500 times, so this baby is virtually my lighter for life.

One of 20 candles I have stocked in my home. I wish I was exaggerating.
One of 20 candles I have stocked in my home. I wish I was exaggerating.
Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

The lighter has a long flexible neck, which makes it very easy to light candles that are toward the end of their burning days. It’s so easy to use, a total electric lighter novice can get this to work on the first try. I also found comfort in the fact it has a lock feature since it was new to me, I didn’t want any risks of burning things I wasn’t trying to after I used it.

For between $9-$12 (the price on this does change a bit) and 1,000 guaranteed lights, this was a no-brainer purchase for me. It is about $2 more than the two-pack of multi-purpose lighters I used to buy, and those only lasted me about three to four months. And since KD is part of my blood, I need to say, for thoseof you who like a good deal, the Tacklife lighter often goes on sale every few months!


Ana works as the senior commerce editor at The Inventory. Her dream job is to make her senior Yorkie, Tyrone, Insta famous.

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