These Are the Three Best Leftover Containers, According To You

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After your bellies (yes, that was the highest rated comment) and up-cycling empty butter tubs (kudos for ingenuity), three nominations stood out as your favorite food storage containers. So check out the finalists below and vote for your absolute favorite at the bottom of the post.


These are awesome because glass doesn’t hold residue, can be used in the oven, and are nice and clear. I’ve cooked with them and use them to hold left overs, grains, or just about anything. - Michael


Pyrex Glass Food Storage

Easy to clean, great size selection, very sturdy. - thethinwhiteduke

Far and away the best as they will never stain or crack and the lids are replaceable and inexpensive. Tons of different sizes and shapes. I’ve replaced almost all of my old plastic crap except for a few even smaller ones that go in the kids lunch boxes. - Dar

I have what I believe to be the oldest version of this product, purchased ~23 years ago at Costco. The sets (I bought 2) included two sizes of rectangular containers, small bowls, and two sizes of small round, all with blue lids. The have held up perfectly with only the replacement of two lids on the larger bowls. Glass is the perfect storage material but don’t microwave with the lids snapped on tight DAMHIKT. Excellent product and worth many times what I paid. - Bodger

Rubbermaid Clear Square Food Storage

They’re the right size to marinate or defrost steaks in the fridge without worrying about it leaking to the rest of the shelves, and there are sous vide inserts and lids if you choose to use them for that. - TardigradeTourist