These Are the Three Best Robotic Vacuums

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We received a ton of nominations this week for the best robotic vacuum, but now it’s time for one to sweep away the competition. Check out the three finalists below, and be sure to vote at the bottom of the post.

Note: The Neato XV-21 would have been a finalist, but since it’s been discontinued and no longer receives updates, we’re choosing not to include it.

Neato Botvac D80


Inteligent LIDAR system. Efficient, straight-line cleaning, simple to use, good support. - spitty3448

Roomba 980


I’ve had my 980 for about six months. First Roomba. It works ridiculously well, covers my entire three bedroom home while I’m at work and can even go back to the charging base and finish where it left off when it’s charged back up. You can use the iPhone app to update settings, set a schedule or remotely start it if you have guests coming over later. If you set it up for two cleaning pass mode, it will do the criss-cross ‘baseball cut’ like your living room carpet is the grass at Wrigley Field. Expensive? Yes, but so is the maid that I don’t have to hire. - Willis P. MacGillicuddy

I have owned Roombas for the past 10 years and the Aeroforce technology introduced by the 800 series was by far the biggest and best advancement they have ever made. After my first model 880 I immediately got rid of my old Roombas and bought 2 more new ones. I have 3 big shedding dogs and this Roomba keeps up with no problems and minimal maintenance. The 980 is even more powerful than the 880. Highly recommended.

Also it should be noted that their customer service and warranty protection is impressive as well. - Noel


Eufy RoboVac 11


Editor’s Note: The RoboVac 11 has been updated to the RoboVac 11+.

I got a Eufy to complement my Neato XV-11 when it was posted here for $175.99, and boy, am I impressed! I use the Eufy in the basement (dark tile floor) and it works great. It’s much more quiet than the Neato, it has a lithium ion battery, and includes a remote. I’ve had a Roomba in the past and was not impressed (especially for the price).

When it’s time to replace my Neato, I’ll be going with another Eufy. - bangarangbooty23

Posted this one 11 minutes after you did. We’ve had the Robovac 10 for a while and it’s been great. My dad used to proclaim that these things are “toys”, until he saw our Robovac 10 in action. It was hilarious watching him follow the Robovac around the house when he came over for Thanksgiving; to see if/when it would fail (it runs for almost 2 hours btw). He did that two or three times, then finally conceded that “the damn thing just works”. Guess who got a Robovac 11 for Christmas? - featherlite