These Are Our Readers' Three Favorite Affordable Office Chairs

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We sat down and reviewed your nominations for the best sub-$200 office chairs, and these three rose to the top of the stack. Now it’s time to crown the favorite. Read about all of our nominees below and then submit your vote for the best.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

I have sat on and I could afford the best office chairs money can buy and this thing can’t be beat. It improved my posture 100% and it’s comfortable as can be. It’s way more stable that just a ball (Which I always thought was stupid as it rolls around uncontrollably). Everyone who tries it is instantly surprised and pleased. You can pump it firm or soft. I have been using this chair for 4 years now. Good as the day I bought it. - Denver is too high


Markus Chair 

Not sure how there is really any question about this as it is consistently THE budget alternative to the high end office chairs. It’s 179$ in cloth. I am sitting in one I got in the local ‘as is’ section of the Brooklyn Ikea for just over 100$. In my office there are a couple of the leather ones, but at home my cats scratched the crap out of my pleather one and I wound up tossing it.- EarthDwellerNYC15

Leather comes in at $200 anyway, so it qualifies all the same. After beating up one too many $100 chairs from Staples or Office Depot, decided to pay twice as much. Ikea’s Markus has a tall back for even my 6'4 frame, and has put up with a lot of punishment after four years, yet still seats me like it did the day I bought it. A strong budget purchase, I think. - Ovy


Ayalon Mesh and Fabric Task Chair 

It’s got this nice curve that supports your back nicely and a nice seat that has a bit of bounce to it. Overall it’s very comfortable. I don’t use the functions it has that much... all the levers and stuff but it’s amazing value for the quality and stuff they squeeze into this chair. Oh and it’s quite sexy. - Tobias