The World’s Thinnest and Lightest Earbuds Are Surprisingly Loud, Take 10% off Now

NexiGo's Air T2 earbuds are the thinnest option on the market.

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NexiGo Air T2 Ultra-Thin Wireless Earbuds | $63 | Amazon | Clip Coupon
NexiGo Air T2 Ultra-Thin Wireless Earbuds | $63 | Amazon | Clip Coupon

NexiGo Air T2 Ultra-Thin Wireless Earbuds | $63 | Amazon | Clip Coupon

Is thinner better? Well, if smaller is a must when carrying the essentials, then yes, it is. NexiGo’s Air T2 Ultra-Thin Wireless Earbuds claim to be the World’s thinnest and lightest earbuds. If they aren’t, they’re dang close. If you’re looking for decent earbuds that you can toss in your wallet, here they are. Save 10% right now when you clip the coupon.

The lean charging case is actually made from aviation-grade aluminum alloy. This means even though it’s narrow and the earbuds are small, it’s strong to protect them. Honestly, tucking the case in the small pocket of my shorts was practically unnoticeable, which is a huge plus for comfort. The sound quality is decent and pretty loud without being overwhelming. These aren’t noise-canceling by any means, but still, you’re getting pretty robust tones. They paired fast and easily with my phone, and there were minimal interrupts on my run.

They actually sounded great when my mom called me, too, so pretty decent mic. You’ll get around seven hours off of one charge, and I have to say that’s pretty accurate. I haven’t needed to charge the case much as you get an additional twenty-eight hours of playtime with it. As with all of these earbuds, the taps have a learning curve, and I’m still not certain other than on and off.

These have a specific ergonomic design because of their size. Now, my ear canals might be a smidge too big for them. I did find I had to keep pushing them in while jogging....but when I found the right position, they seemed to be fine. And these being sweatproof was definitely a blessing. All in all, if you’re looking for a smaller backup pair, this is a great option.

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