The Supers, a trio of face serums, is Glossier’s newest, and in my opinion best, skin care launch.

The serums target three different types of skin problems. Super Bounce hydrates skin with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin B. Super Pure is made for healing breakout-prone skin with niacinamide and zinc. And Super Glow adds, well, glow to your skin with Vitamin C and magnesium.

Because it comes in a cohesively packaged trio, The Supers allows people to customize their skin care regimen depending on how their skin is feeling that day (because we all know skin is never the same day-to-day). You can also buy them individually, but I recommend saving almost $20 and getting the set.


The best part of these little bottles, besides the fact that they are already noticeably working for me, is the lack of smell. Glossier is known for their minimalist, simplistic take on skin care and makeup and The Supers goes a step further by being scentless. It makes these accessible to people with even the most sensitive skin because they are all fragrance-free.