The Standard BAGGU Is the Pinnacle of Reusable Nylon Sacks

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I’ve discussed my tote bag addiction and subsequent rehabilitation before, but don’t call the Standard BAGGU a tote. It is a nylon reusable bag, specifically, and to be honest, it’s better and more practical than any tote bag I’ve owned. There, I said it.

The general concept of a reusable grocery bag-like sack first came into my life when I got one for free (duh) during a job orientation. It was branded and not particularly attractive, but somehow, it soon became integral to my daily bag rotation. I regularly threw gym clothes into it, then put the bag-plus-gym-clothes into my bigger work tote. I used to carry purchases from the market or pharmacy. I used it to carry wine to a friend’s house, then balled it up and stuffed it into my tiny going-out purse. Wear and tear began to take its toll, though, and soon, it literally started bursting at the seems. It was then I knew that I needed a more permanent nylon sack in my life.

Enter: the Standard BAGGU. I was already familiar with the BAGGU brand, since they’re the makers of my favorite bucket bag. But when I came upon their nylon reusable bag, I knew it was meant to be.


It may not look it, but this thing is sturdy; BAGGU claims it can hold up to 50 pounds. Plus, it’s machine washable and comes folded up into a flat 5-inch-by-5-inch pouch, so it’s easy to stash in your car or another bag in case the need for it arises.

But what’s most distinctive about the Standard BAGGU is obvious: It comes in a whole bunch of funky patterns. On Amazon, you can find it in roughly 30 different prints. There are those that are more serious and toned-down, like a classic gingham or striped look, and a few that are on the wackier side — because who would want to carry a plain black bag when you could carry a bag covered in hot dogs, or cookies, or happy faces? (Don’t worry, my boring friends, they have solid colors, including plain black, too.)

I have two Standard BAGGUs — one in a constellation pattern, and the other featuring the phases of the moon because space is ~cool~ — and I actually enjoy showing both of them off around town. That’s saying a lot for a regular ol’ reusable bag.