The Robot Uprising Might Start With Dyson's Crazy-Smart Air Purifying Space Heater

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Dyson’s air purifiers have always been gorgeous, but the latest version of the Pure Hot+Cool has the brains to match.

Like previous Hot+Cools, this fan combines the functions of an air purifier, a fan, and a space heater into one device. But new this year is a vastly improved filtration system with 60% more HEPA material and three times as many carbon filters. Not only does it do a better job of cleaning the air, it’s also able to detect what it’s cleaning, and give you a real-time readout via either the Dyson Link App, or the built-in LCD screen. That means you’ll know if your house has a lot of pollen inside, or something more serious like nitrogen dioxide.

Clean air is definitely nice, but what you’ll really notice moment-to-moment are the fan’s heating and air-moving capabilities. In heating mode, you can set a preferred ambient temperature, and the Dyson will automatically turn its heating element on and off to maintain the right balance. It can also rotate itself 350 degrees to more effectively distribute the heat throughout a large room. And when you don’t want to feel a blast of air in your face, you can set it to diffuse mode to blow air out the back at a reduced velocity, while still purifying (and optionally, heating) the the room.


This is a Dyson product, so while the $650 MSRP isn’t surprising, it definitely still stings. But if you’ve got the cash to burn, you won’t find a better looking or more advanced space heater/air purifier combo. They also offer a floorstanding version without heating for $550, or a desktop model for $450.