The Prime Day Deals That Will Make Your Home Look Better

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Prime Day is perhaps best for no-frills purchases that are nevertheless expensive, like Instant Pots and vacuums. But if you can do a little digging, there are more decor-forward options on sale, too. This year, the best-looking stuff is from Amazon’s family of brands like Rivet, Stone & Beam, and more. These private label brands draw heavily from current design trends, which means they’re often silhouettes and styles you’ve seen before. But even if you’d rather not see another tufted sofa, there are still pieces that look classic and fresh, not overly on-trend.

Rivet Hanging Indoor Planters

There are several of these planters on sale, giving you the opportunity to pick one shape and color for a hanging vase or planter or create a garden wall with several. Because they don’t drain, you will need to put some pebbles at the bottom depending on the plant you choose to go with.

AmazonBasics Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are pretty utilitarian, but this set, from AmazonBasics no less, manages to look more than just basic. That’s mostly thanks to the color range, which goes beyond plain black and bandaid beige for prettier, more dynamic greys and blues. Not all colors are on sale, so you’ll have to do some clicking around for the best prices.

AmazonBasics Wooden Cat Furniture

Similar to the blackout curtains, this is a piece of furniture that could be really ugly and, surprisingly, isn’t. It might not win any design awards, but it will definitely blend into your decor more than a giant beige cat tree. Depending on how chaotic your cat is, you can even opt to use the middle or top shelf as actual storage, not as a cat perch.

Rivet Round Metal Serving Tray

I firmly believe in the power of a good tray to organize coffee tables, bathroom counters, desks, dressers, and anything else that gathers the detritus of everyday living. This heavy-duty gold and black metal option is also flexible enough to be styled for a more feminine glam look as well as a more masculine, industrial vibe.

Rivet Marble Mini Table Decor Lamp

I love the way lamps add a warm glow that overhead lighting is usually too harsh to accomplish. They also make an otherwise boring spot look polished, too. This mini lamp is small enough for a bedside table, hall table, or even small home desk. It comes with the

Stone & Beam Arc Iron Hanging Wall Mirror With Shelf

I’ve come to think of arc mirrors as a less-tired antidote to round mirrors, which have been having a moment for a while now. The little shelf also gives you the opportunity to decorate with plants, candles, trinkets, or whatever you want. You can also place this in a bathroom, bedroom, or hallway for more functional use. Hang small hooks beneath it for jewelry and it can become a mini getting ready station, and by the door, it can be a spot for hanging keys and stashing sunglasses.

AmazonBasics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven

This comes in (nearly) as many colors as Le Creuset, for way lower than you’ll likely ever see a new Le Creuset on sale. The 4.3 quart size is big enough to make fries for 4, fry half a chicken for 2, or make chili for a crownd.

Leesa Memory Foam Mattress

There are about a million bed-in-a-boxes out there these days, but if you’ve had your eye on a Leesa, this 20% off discount is a good time to strike.

Phoenix Home Contemporary Plastic Dining Chair Set

Normally $127, you can now get a full set of dining chairs for under $100. The molded plastic style might not be the most original thing out there, but if you can’t spring for a set of wishbone chairs, this will get you the same MCM vibe for a fraction of the price.

Stone & Beam Accordion Arm Wall Mount Sconce

If DIY fills you with dread, this wall-mounted sconce is for you. These install onto the wall directly with just a bit of handywork, but don’t require any special wiring to create floating, table-free lighting by your bed.

Rivet Brass Arc Floor Lamp With Bulb

Did I mention the transformative power of lamps? This floor lamp is a natural fit for dim, tiny corners of living rooms, but an also replace a bedside table lamp in the bedroom as well.

AmazonBasics Velvet Suit Clothes Hangers

Using matching hangers that will actually do a good job of hanging your clothes is such an easy (and, in this case, inexpensive) way to decrease visual clutter and make your closet feel more organized.