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The Logitech MX Master 3 Is A Bonafide Upgrade To The Best Work Mouse Ever

Logitech MX Master 3
Logitech MX Master 3
Image: Logitech

It would have been easy for Logitech to add a USB-C port to the MX Master 2, slap on a 3, and call it a day. It would’ve been dubbed the the best wireless work mouse around—and rightfully so.

Thankfully, for peripheral obsessed keyboard jockeys like myself, that’s not what happened. Logitech super-charged their best mouse and lapped its competition.

And, yes, the Logitech MX Master 3 is the best work mouse in the world. Period.


All the features that made the MX Master legendary remain; excellent build quality (no rattle whatsoever,) comfy design, momentum scroll wheel and the thumb scroll wheel, and the super customizable thumb button.

What’s new? Well, now the forward and back buttons are shifted away from the horizontal scroll wheel and are slightly bigger—which is a big boon for larger handed individuals. The redesigned scroll wheel still offers two modes (infinite and ratchet mode.) But it’s now faster and quieter thanks to it’s “electro-magnetic scrolling,” making scrolling through huge web pages a breeze. Logitech says it’s also more precise, but it’s a pretty hard metric to test. I just know that it feels great.

And, yes, there’s a USB-C port, which means it’s ready to join your MacBook, Windows Surface, and iPad in the future. But besides consolidating your charging cables, USB-C means that the MX Master can also recharge faster, giving you up to 3 hours of use after a minute-long charge.

In fact, there’s little to complain about when you’re strictly grading it as a work mouse. While it can be argued that it could have used more buttons, the subtle thumb “gesture” button provides access to an entirely new set of actions via the Logitech Options app.


To be honest, this new design isn’t as eye-catching as the previous models. The MX Master 3 trades the previous generation’s sleeker design for something a little more utilitarian looking. But it was done in the name of ergonomics and comfort, so it’s hard to argue it’s a negative.

Of course the MX Master 3's sensor isn’t optimized for competitive gaming, and it’s also on the heavier and bulkier side, which means it’s not super portable. It’s also pricey. The $100 price tag is rough, but for what it’s worth, the Magic Mouse costs nearly as much, and it’s an ergonomic disaster. Sell the one you’ve got (I’m looking at you Shep,) pick this up, and never look back.


It’s also a small price to pay for a product that you’ll probably use for years, and probably for many, many hours per day. If you care about your number of actions per minute and want to take your work to a whole new level, you won’t do any better.

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