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The KATRIS Nest Is a Multi-Functional Lounge For Cats That Love to Rub, Scratch, and Sleep

Have you ever caught your cat using your rug or carpet to scratch their own back? They very ineloquently wobble around on the floor until their itch has been relieved. If your cat needs a place to scratch, rest, rub, and do whatever else cats do, the KATRIS Nest might exactly what your pet craves.

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The KATRIS Nestis a multi-functional cat lounge made out of eco-friendly materials. It serves as a bed for your cat to take naps in, but they can also use the outer panels for scratching and rubbing their backs. And if that sudden urge to start digging to nowhere overtakes them, they can dig away on the KATRIS. The felt center of the lounge is removable and has a durable scratchpad underneath that is made with premium corrugated materials. Both the center fabric and circle scratchpad can be removed and replaced, in case your cat is a top-notch scratcher. Meanwhile, the unique bowl shape is ideal for cats that like to curl up and take a nap.

On the KATRIS Nest Kickbooster page, the bio explains where the concept for the product came from:

Jeff realized that the cat market was lacking a product that lets cats rub their back along their own beds, while lounging and scratching all at the same time. With this new idea in mind, Jeff knew that KATRIS had the materials and the passion to produce it. At that time, KATRIS only specialized in cat furniture, but today, we are beginning to explore a new kind of product with the KATRIS Nest.

Luna and Sirius putting the KATRIS Nest to the test.
Luna and Sirius putting the KATRIS Nest to the test.
Photo: Ana Luisa Suarez

I will test out virtually any product for cats since I live with three. The KATRIS Nest looked perfect for one of my cats in particular, since he loves to pour his body into any box for a nap. I was not surprised to find out that my cats instantly loved it. Well, as much as cats can express love for anything that isn’t food. I put the KATRIS Nest down on their section of the rug, since the product history mentioned the concept all came from the creator’s cat scratching his back on the carpet. (My cats have also all been known to flop over on the rug, shift around to scratch their backs, and then fall asleep right in that very spot.) The KATRIS proved to be perfect for this kitty activity; my fat Tuxedo cat, Sirius, took it upon himself to plop down in the lounge, roll around, and then take a nice, long nap.

The KATRIS Nest is on Kickbooster, and you can pledge $10 (without any reward) to help reach their goal. If you pledge $34, you’ll get your very own KATRIS (assembly required) for your furry friend to try. Products are expected to ship out around December 2019, but believe me, your feline friends will agree that it’s worth the wait.

Ana works as the senior commerce editor at The Inventory. Her dream job is to make her senior Yorkie, Tyrone, Insta famous.