The DART-C is the Minimalist Travel Charger You've Always Wanted

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We have no idea if the DART-C is actually the world’s smallest USB-C laptop charger, but we’re pretty sure it’s the world’s best travel charger.

The DART-C is a compact 65W laptop charger with a 6ft cable and in-line 2.1A USB port. It’s not the fastest charger on the market, but its form factor and the fact that it can (probably) cover all your devices make it ideal for packing light.

I took the DART-C on a recent trip to New Orleans, Phoenix, and Seattle, along with the MicFlip Micro USB cable, and the Mophie Juice Pack.


And that was it. The DART-C and MicFlip any Micro USB cable covered my MacBook, a6000, Mophie Juice Pack/iPhone 7 Plus, Bragi Dash, Away Bag, Nomad PowerPack, MiFi, and everything else.


Even if you need to bring along a Lightning Cable or multi-cable as well, the DART-C is still an amazingly tight solution. It’s up for preorder now, and we’ll update this when it’s available at major retailers.