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The Best Switch Accessory You Can Afford Is This Insignia Dock

Insignia Nintendo Switch Dock Kit
Insignia Nintendo Switch Dock Kit
Graphic: Tercius Bufete

A wise man once said, a second Nintendo Switch dock is the best Switch accessory you can buy, but for those on a budget, the Insignia Nintendo Switch Dock Kit is a worthy, slightly risky, option.


I don’t think I’m ruffling any feathers when I say that the Nintendo Switch Dock is overpriced. In fact, $70-$90 for what’s ostensibly plastic, wires and a wall adapter feels like highway robbery.

Despite this, we’ve recommended (as has Nintendo, because duh) against the use of third party docks, since those have reportedly bricked consoles.

This $40 Insignia Nintendo Switch Dock Kit, however, seems to be the exception. As I scoured the internet for information, this Best Buy-exclusive seems to be the go-to recommendation, and one free of any failure reports. (And I’m happy to report that my Nintendo Switch is still running Enter the Gungeon and Overcooked 2 like a dream.)

Just like the original, the Insignia Nintendo Switch Dock includes an HDMI cable and a power adapter. But while the Insignia version serves the same purpose as the original, the two are not identical.


The Insignia alternative is smaller and doesn’t cover the front of the Switch’s screen like the original. The smaller size made this secondary unit perfect to travel with.

On the body, you’ll find charging indicator light, one HDMI port and one USB port (compared to the original’s three.) The lack of USB ports, however, never bothered me, since my Pro controllers are wireless.

But perhaps the reason you’re even reading this is the price. At $40, it’s roughly half the cost of the original. While we’ve seen the original dock come down in price a few times, it has never come close to the $40 mark.


To be clear, there’s no guarantee this dock won’t brick your console, and if it does, Nintendo probably won’t bail you out, but it seems exceedingly unlikely. And if you’re okay with a teensy bit of risk, this dock should earn a spot in your to-go bag.