The Best HDTV Bias Lights Have a Rare One-Day Discount

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Luminoodle HDTV Bias Lights | $7-$37 | Amazon

HDTV bias lights are nothing new to our readers, but with multiple length options, RGB color modes, and 6500K true white LEDs, Luminoodle is one of the most polished option out there.

If you aren’t familiar with bias lights, they ease eyestrain when watching TV at night, improve your TV’s perceived contrast, and just look really cool. Needless to say, this would make for a creative holiday gift as well.

Today only, you can save on all available length and color options lengths (there’s a guide to help you pick on the product page), courtesy of Amazon’s Gold Box. The RGB model’s white bulbs are tuned to the same 6500K temperature as most TVs, meaning the contrast enhancement and eyestrain reduction benefits will be as good as it gets. The white-only model comes pretty close at 6000K, if you’re on a budget.

Just remember that like all Gold Box deals, these price are only available today, and they could sell out early.