The Best-Ever Storage Deals Come In All Shapes and Sizes For Prime Day

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Prime Day never disappoints if you’re in the market for affordable PC and flash storage, and this year is no different. Two separate sale pages comprise the bulk of Amazon’s best deals for GB and TB seekers.

First, this storage sale features deals from both SanDisk and WD, and is where you’ll want to look for things like microSD cards for your Switch or GoPro. There’s even a 1TB microSD card (yep, that exists) available for the best price ever, but mere mortals should probably stick to 256GB for $30 or 400GB for $45, both of which are astoundingly good prices.

This is also the sale page where you’ll find WD Red drives for your NAS, which is a little niche, but if you’re in the market for such a thing, these prices are the best Amazon’s ever listed by a pretty considerable margin. You’ll also find great deals on WD Black drives to stick in your PC.

For everyone else who isn’t building their own systems, a variety of external drives are included as well, from the spacious (6TB for $90, or 10TB for $159) to the rugged, to the SSDs that you can carry around with you, when performance and data transfer speeds matter. For all the deals, you should really head over to the sale page.

The other sale page includes similar products that are made by manufacturers that aren’t SanDisk or WD, which is very annoying for this deal blogger. There aren’t as many products here, but there are some exciting ones like a Synology NAS, Seagate’s FireCuda hybrid drive (the drive of choice for people who want to speed up their PS4 load times), and those rugged LaCie drives that look like flotation devices. Again, this is just scratching the surface, so be sure to head over to the sale page to find exactly what you’re looking for.