Photo: Adam Jaime (Unsplash)
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If Style Girlfriend HQ had an official cocktail, it would be the Old Fashioned. It’s straightforward, delicious and one of those drinks that it’s (generally) as good at home as it is when you order it at a bar. In the year of our lord 2018, we appreciate that kind of consistency. Maybe that’s why the Old Fashioned is a lot of families’ go-to holiday drink—enjoyed by millennials and their parents in equal measure. While the ingredients can vary slightly (some of us prefer bourbon to rye, or orange bitters over the classic Angustara), one thing remains constant: it must be served in a proper double old fashioned glass.

There’s simply no debating this. The ingredients need room to breathe and swim around with the ice. It’s a stiff drink that demands a firm grasp. It just doesn’t feel right to imagine all that brown liquor being swung around daintily atop a stem. A DOF glass (as they’re often abbreviated) holds between 12 and 14 ounces; perfect for any drink served on the rocks, actually—like a margarita, a whiskey sour, a greyhound… You get the idea.


From traditional cut crystal to preppy monograms, restaurant-esque basics, fanciful gold trims and other interesting details, there’s a lot to choose from in this family of rocks glasses.

Luigi Bormioli Top Class Drinking Glasses, set of 6, $22

Not only are these glasses crazy-affordable, but they’re uniquely stylish, too, thanks to their thin, elegant base. The uniform glass thickness looks fresh and modern, almost scientific. Coming in a set of six glasses, the Bormoili set would make a perfect housewarming present for a new apartment or even a budget-friendly wedding gift, too.

Fishs Eddy Cortina DOF Glass, $6 each

Fishs Eddy Cortina DOF Glass, $6 each
Photo: Fishs Eddy

Fishs Eddy is probably our favorite place to shop for glassware (we’re adults, we have those now) because of their huge selection of cool, everyday dishes at a great price. We have four of these glasses on hand for happy hour at Style Girlfriend HQ. We love how simple and substantial they are, they feel nice and weighty in your hand.

Godinger Lumina Hobnail DOF Glasses, Set of 4, $25

You guys, don’t sleep on the selection of glassware at Bed, Bath & Beyond—you will be shocked at how many super-stylish and wildly affordable options they have. This hobnail set looks much more expensive than it is thanks to the cool, contemporary texture and shape of the glass. Be warned, your guests might think you’ve suddenly “come into some money” or something.

CB2 Mars Stacking DOF glass, $7 each

CB2 Mars Stacking DOF glass, $7 each
Photo: CB2

We had trouble picking just one glass to highlight from CB2’s extremely robust collection of affordable DOF glasses. The Mars glass stands out because the texture makes it look much more expensive, and also its wider, low-profile shape. Plus, the Mars has a unique base that allows you to easily stack and store them when the party’s over.

Qualia Monogrammed DOF Glass, Set of 4, $56

Qualia Monogrammed DOF Glass, Set of 4, $56
Photo: Bed Bath & Beyond

Sure, you could go the expected route with these gold monogrammed DOF glasses and choose your initial letters… Or, you could have a little mix-and-match fun and display them on your bar to spell out a word like NEAT or COOL (or, I dunno, FUCK if you’re feeling particularly feisty). They’re sold as a set of four, but unfortunately, all four will come with the same letter.

Williams-Sonoma Wilshire Cut DOF Glasses, Set of 4, $56

If looking at this set of four jewel tone DOF glasses doesn’t make you happy (above and beyond the understanding that you’re about to drink yummy adult juice out of them), we don’t know how to help you. Each one is cut in a different pattern and color, making the glassware ideal for festive parties, cocktail gatherings and, if you’re like us, a really good Instagram shot.

Waterford Lismore Evolution DOF Glasses, Set of 4, $250

Waterford is one of those brand names people whisper about at fancy dinner parties and around the gift table at a black tie wedding. But we happen to think that really gorgeous, traditional DOF glasses like these look especially cool when mixed in with your affordable everyday glassware.