Native Union Key Cable | inCharge | Skiva Cord2Go
Graphic: Shep McAllister

You probably own a USB battery pack. In fact, you probably own several. But not many of them have built-in charging cables, and without one, your battery is little more than an expensive paperweight.

The cable that came with your phone wasn’t really designed to slip into your pocket, but if you carry keys with you, there are a bunch of great options that you can clip onto your keychain for any on-the-go charging emergencies.

The braided cable knot of the Native Union Key Cable isn’t really pocket friendly, but if you keep your keys in a purse, it should make this cable easy to find and grab.
Photo: Amazon

Native Union Key Cable

Native Union’s iconic yarn ball-style charging cable also comes in keychain form. The braided cable comes wrapped up in a decorative knot that will look right at home on larger key rings, and it also includes a lifetime warranty, which is particularly useful on a cable that will take a lot of abuse going in and out of your pocket every day. (Lightning | MicroUSB | USB-C)

The inCharge wraps around your keychain, and stays in place solely through the power of magnets. The result is incredibly small and minimal, but with a chance of falling off without you noticing.
Photo: Amazon


This 1.5" cable is one of the smallest on the market, and folds over an included keyring, securing to itself with built-in magnets. Since it’s so small and has no true locking mechanism, this one could be a bit easier to lose without realizing, but that’s a small price to pay for something so sleek. (Lightning | MicroUSB | USB-C)

Skiva’s Cord2Go isn’t what we’d call attractive, but it hides all the delicate parts of the cord when you aren’t using it and will never fall off your keychain accidentally.
Photo: Amazon

Skiva Cord2Go

Skiva’s Cord2Go is what you might call “over-designed.” But hiding the connectors and cables inside a plastic housing means the delicate parts are less vulnerable, and less likely to get caught when you pull your keys out of a tight pocket. It’s also roughly the size and thickness of a key, and is designed in such a way that it should be essentially impossible to lose. (Lightning | MicroUSB)