The Avana Beckridge Water Bottle Gives You Two Ways to Drink

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Avana Beckridge Water Bottle
Avana Beckridge Water Bottle
Graphic: Shep McAllister

I own a surprising amount of water bottles that I have either purchased on my own or that have been gifted to me. They all seem to do pretty much the same thing (uh, hold water), and I never really had a preference for one over the other aside from color or design. But that changed when I started using the Avana Beckridge Water Bottle.

Yes, that sounds slightly dramatic, but it’s true: I’ve never loved a water bottle the way I’ve loved this one. The Beckridge (I own the 25oz bottle, but they also make a 32 oz. version) comes with a list of features that I find make my water-drinking experience very pleasant. For starters, there’s the appearance. It’s sleek and simple, with four color options (I have Deep Ocean, which is a very pretty dark green/blue shade).

Then there’s the technology, which is what really makes this water bottle one of a kind for me. The Beckridge is made with Avana’s patented FreeSip Spout, which gives you two different ways to drink your water. You can swig the water out, which is essentially like drinking out of a glass, or you can sip through a built-in straw. The difference between the Beckridge and other water bottles with straws is that the straw doesn’t stick out of the top, but rather sits flush with the large swig opening. I love water bottles with straws, but hate that I can’t throw them in my bag because of that straw. That’s not the case with this water bottle, and that sounds like a small detail, but it’s one I really appreciate. The sipping feature also makes it much less dangerous to drink water while driving or using a machine at the gym.

The top features a retractable stainless steel carry loop, which allows you to easily hang it from your finger while you walk around. And if you do happen to drop your water bottle, you can rest assured that it is very durable. I’ve been using this thing for months and probably drop it at least once a day (I’m very clumsy). It has rolled down driveways, fallen off of high surfaces, and hung out in the sand at the beach, and it’s still barely dinged up, and not dented at all.


Of course, a water bottle with fancy features is nothing if it doesn’t keep water chilled. This one checks that box off as well with its double wall stainless steel construction. I’ve had ice cubes last in there for nearly an entire day.

Other small things I love about it? It doesn’t feel clunky to hold, and fits in most cup holders. The bottom has a rubber ring around it that prevents it from falling over as easily. Oh, and all of the pieces at the top come apart very easily, making washing this thing super simple and efficient.

All in all, I’m a big fan - and all of those water bottles I own are now officially going to waste.