The 10 Best Deals of July 24, 2018

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We see a lot of deals around the web over on Kinja Deals, but these were our ten favorites today.

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#1: 65" 4K TV

If size trumps features in your hierarchy of TV needs, this 65" JVC 4K TV is a steal for just $500, or $150 less than elsewhere. It doesn’t have smart apps, and its self-described HDR support is...vague, so I wouldn’t expect top-shelf picture quality. But you just don’t see 65" TVs for $500 very often.

#2: philips hue accessories & kits

The discounts aren’t quite as deep as Black Friday, but if you’ve caught Philips Hue fever, a bunch of bulbs, starter kits, and accessories are back on sale today, including 20% off the standard, color individual bulbs.

#3: Samsung ssd

Samsung’s adorably tiny portable SSDs leave flash drives and external hard drives in the dust, and the 500GB and 1TB models are cheaper than ever today. It’s still a lot more expensive than a portable hard drive, but in addition to the speed and size advantages, it should be more durable as well, due to a lack of moving parts.

#4: robotics vacuums

Anker’s Eufy RoboVac and its ilk have been massive hits with our readers, and if you’re still doing the vacuuming in your house manually, you can save $50 on two different models, and finally outsource that chore to a robot.

The RoboVac 11s actually features stronger suction than the original RoboVac 11 (1300Pa vs. 1000, and the old RoboVac 10 only had 400), and yet is nearly 1/4" thinner. That doesn’t seem like much, but it can be the difference between the vacuum scooting comfortably under the couch or getting itself stuck. The 11s usually sells for $230, but for a limited time, you can snag one for $180 with promo code KINJA108.

The RoboVac 30 is the same size as the 11s, but has even stronger suction (1500Pa vs. 1300), and includes guide strips that you can lay down anywhere in your home (like in front of cords on the ground) to warn the vacuum to steer clear. Both will automatically avoid tumbling over stairs, but the strips could, say, keep it from getting too close to a pile of cords under your TV stand. Get it for $220 with promo code KINJA216.

#5: european vacation

TripMasters’ latest vacation package offers you the chance to spend three nights each in London, Paris, and Rome starting under $1100, with roundtrip airfare, transportation between the cities, and hotels in each location.

Note: If the link doesn’t work, try pausing your ad blocker.

You have a lot of flexibility here to choose your hotels, departure city, and dates, though prices will vary based on your preferences.

#6: speaker base for echo dot

Amazon’s Echo Dot is a great voice assistant, and a truly terrible speaker. But for just $20 (with promo code 6IKR8BVE), you can drop it into this speaker base, which replaces its puny 3W driver with a stereo pair of booming 10W drivers. Plus, the built-in 5,000mAh battery pack lets you move it all around your house, and even doubles as a smartphone charger.

Note, the black one doesn’t have a ton of Amazon reviews, but you can read some more impressions on the white model’s product page.

#7: david archy trunks

David Archy isn’t exactly a household name, but over the past year, they’ve become a major player in the Amazon underwear world, and you can save $5 on a four-pack of micro modal men’s trunks today with promo code 2018DA04, in the color of your choice.

If you aren’t familiar with modal, it’s very cool, very soft, and feels great on the skin. This underwear even has separate pouches for your penis and balls, as made famous by David Archy’s Separatec sister brother brand. You don’t have to use it; you can wear this like regular underwear, but it can keep your private bits from, uh, sticking together on a hot summer day.

#8: movie bundles

It’s always nice to have a good bank of movies to watch on your next flight, long line at the post office, or whenever else you might have some down time.

Take your pick of these 10-film bundles, all selling for $20 right now.

#9: uniqlo airism sale

Uniqlo’s AIRism line is one of your favorite undershirts, but the technologyextends to underwear, outerwear t-shirts, camis, bra tops, and more. Right now, Uniqlo is marking down some of their AIRism styles for both men and women, to just $7.

#10: humble monthly

Humble Monthly remains one of the best deals in gaming, and the latest month’s early access titles include The Escapists 2, A Hat in Time, and Conan Exiles. Plus, more unannounced games will unlock on August 3 for all subscribers. As always, Humble Monthly is only $12 per month (or $11 if you prepay for a full year), and every game you get is yours to keep forever, even if you cancel.