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TopResume makes getting a job so much easier!
TopResume makes getting a job so much easier!
Graphic: Riley Blackwell

Landing the right job isn’t getting any easier, and if you’re looking for something new, you’re probably feeling that right now. Acing the interview and negotiating are tough on their own but just to get in the door you need the right resume. Tell your story the right way by taking 15% off custom resume writing services at TopResume with promo code GOMEDIA15. They match you with one of over 1,500 writers in 65 different industries and make sure you pass the automated tests and get into the interview seat.

If you’re looking to put the highest amount of oomph into your job search, they also have an Executive Priority package available - and while it’s tough to shell out when you’re on the job hunt, investing in yourself will always pay out in the end.

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We love TopResume because in a time of AI and automated systems meant to filter out resumes that don’t fit a specific format, having a human eye can be the edge you need. Investing in proven results to get double the interviews is so worth it!


Originally written by Riley Blackwell on 9/11/23 and updated with new information by Miranda Martin on 9/15/23.