Take Up to 27% Off AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Gardens for Whatever Reason You May Be Interested in That

Enjoy savings on AeroGarden Harvest Models and apocalypse-prep your heart out, or whatever.

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Up to 27% Off AeroGarden Harvest Models | Amazon

Do you like plants? Do you want them to thrive? Do you want to spend your spring in hibernation? Then get an AeroGarden Harvest Indoor Garden on Amazon and surround yourself with lush greenery, no matter how small your studio is. The sale is available on the Harvest in Black, White, and Sage, so whether you’re adding to your already thriving personal greenhouse or just starting out, there are definitely discounts on models you’ll want to take advantage of. Each one includes a proprietary blend of seeds to get you started. (Full disclosure: The Sage colorway sale isn’t as good. But it is cute, so it gets included). It’s the perfect way to grow yourself some fresh herbs without ever needing to leave the house again.

This deal was originally published by Sophy Ziss on 2/9/2022 and updated with new information on 5/3/2022.