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Find out who in your family has the cilantro gene.

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23andMe Health + Ancestry Service - DNA Test Kit - 150+ Reports | $129 | 35% Off
23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service - DNA Test Kit - 80+ Reports | $79 | 20% Off

Gather ‘round the table, kids, and let’s spit in a tube and read about our family. Seriously, 23andMe is a good family gift—it opens up conversations about geography and family history. The Ancestry + Traits kit is only $79, which covers the basics: where your ancestors lived and when, and how that manifested into the human you are today—plus info on traits like ... hating cilantro or perfect pitch. The Health + Ancestry service is a bit more elaborate (and is $129), and gives you ancestral background, as well as genetic testing for health issues you might be predisposed to. Whichever you choose, these are a fun gift to get your family talking and telling stories. Grab ‘em before the holiday to join in the fun.